Saturday, February 6, 2016

Drunk JR Stone of KRON insults Miss Universe. +more..

You've seen the commercial that warns buzzed driving is drunk driving?  So is buzzed interviewing.

KRON's JR Stone started off alright..his voice was a little slurry. Miss Universe answered his first question (I ferget exactly) with  "Yes! I would love to live here"  Stone then says like a lech, "If you dress like THAT you can move here anytime". He only left out " hey baby" and " you slut"

KRON needs to end Stone interviewing young woman. He's the guy who when the Giants were last in the World Series asked a hot brunette in a sports bar if the Giants would win. She -on live tv- said FUCK YEAH!"

And it isn't just me to not like his style. Pamela Moore shook her head.

I forgot to add-- Not only Miss Universe gave Stone the "you insult me" did a hot blond next to her who reacted as soon as Slurry Stone got the question out.  I think her body language said "You are an ass". Just like that.