Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Eh,THAT wasn't what Gary Radnich wanted Mike to say....KRON.

Radnich just couldn't find the words to say how much he hated an NFL player for setting up his wife AND his mistress to fight in a hallway of some hotel.  Surveillance tape caught it..he was like a Dog or Chicken fighter..pushed them together to get going with the punches.
So,Radnich talks to the off camera man and asks the guy what he thought of all this low life behavior. "I would date the winner!"..LOL. Just what Radnich had said he hated- the backwards thinking about woman, and the camera man with a chuckle practically says winner,winner, chicken dinner!
I'm telling you..I was watching KPIX figuring..how is it I catch KRON in all this craziness but not 2,5,7,11? Or not much.
I try too. I want to see Jessica Aguirre tell Raj "When we get off the air in 70 seconds,I'm kicking your ass!"..never happens.
I heard it at KRON. Same feeling. KRON,always good for a media critic and observer.