Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gary Radnich verbally attacks Pamela Moore live on TV!

As Radnich was finishing the sports at 11:35,he tells Pamela "Those 26 year old's look down at the media like peons" He was pissed off, not laughing about it, She of course laughed at the idea that its degrading to media to do interviews with wealthy players. Like,its part of the job.

Radnich,then looks at Pamela-he's not smiling- and says "You are the most honest person I know,and would never laugh unless you meant it. He gave her the death stare.  P says " I try to Gary. Why are you taking a dig at me?"  "Because I got you.I've known you for 22 years and You know I'm right this time (at her being phony I took it)and I have you"  That was weird. "You know we are 75 seconds from being off the air and you are going to hear it from me." said PM. She was mad. Not pretending. She was angry.

Ok,My analysis.  What was this all about? He used his segment but really meant he hates to see Pamela Moore laugh with Britteny. That's what he meant by "You would never laugh at what wasn't funny". See,he sits in the off set and is getting angry that Pamela Moore is laughing at what Britt jokes about. You can only see that as everyday goes by he's getting angrier that she's making friends with Britt...
At 6:45 he spent his sports time talking about his hip hop rap he's telling the weatherwoman ,,"Get off my turf,shes mine"  Man,there is some deep emotional shit on that set. He does not want her to like Britt or Diane or..

Stan? eh,possible. Not.
ps,I'm so getting angry Darya is not taking my advice. I can hardly sleep. Yep.