Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Grant Lodis..throws like a girl more then he runs like one.

Oh,Raddy and KRON,see?  I can tell the truth until you are in tears. That's what you get for stalking me...invading my privacy,and violating my civil rights.
I'm on the up and up- always have been. I have no idea Raddy's address,Krugers..nah.

But,10! Stanley Roberts Hayward story's only blocks from my house?  A red flag.  A Stan walk? Well,KRON is like the serial murderers who wanted to be caught. I caught you.

Stanley Roberts was doing reconnaissance missions to my home along with sort of looking for speeders I bet. I doubt he did that to any other KRON viewer.

That's a lot of totally illegal activity's from people who make a living reporting on illegal activity's.

The local media doesn't like me? I despise them. John Lund and Damon Indiana's anti Mexican crusade is like I dragged out into full view the bigotry I knew was there all along.

Sure- I caught all the Stan "veiled" remarks today.

I've been busy,and under the my posts might be a bit spread out. Lucky KRON.

Grant? uh,..My niece push throws a football. She's 7.