Sunday, February 28, 2016

How fast would Billy Beane or Don Nelson have destroyed this Warrior team?

Headlines with Beane: "Beane trades Curry for prospects. Says until he has a new Warrior Stadium he cant keep Curry"  Or, and also, "Beane says Curry has to trade now".

Don Nelson headlines?: "Nelson trades headcase Draymond Green,says Curry needs to pass more,keeps Bogut benched in the doghouse". Nelson wants a small ball half court game. "We need to take our time,shoot from close range" says Nelson.

He also wants to take Bob Meyers job and be coach/GM. Is also in a feud with Joe Lacob JR.
Also- his bar tab is in five figures...

Whew- be glad we don't live in those alternative Universes. Those poor Warrior fans of other dimensions-lol.