Saturday, February 20, 2016

I like the Chip Franklin Show.

Funny that some of my higher educated friends disagree that I'm a liberal- they say I'm libertarian.
Well,I think do what you want- just don't tread on me. And the media treads on me. But,I digress.

I've been cutting away from the goofballs on 95.7 and listening to Franklin. Sometimes,I listen and I'm not sure where he took me awhile to figure out what he is. Or,close enough.

He's got a good time spot. Real world vs 95.7 alternate sports universe views. KCBS tells me all in 3 minutes.

One thing is..he sounds,talks, just like Michael Finney. Coincidence.

At the beginning,I thought "Ah,another Jerry Springer"..but no,it came into focus for me.

I might listen even more.