Saturday, February 27, 2016

Kloie Kardasian and Radnich. Two pee's into a pod.

Did you see that Tweet she put out? I saw it on the Internet. She said after she posted a photo of her stomach "Y'all be hate'in"...I don't remember the rest. When did she become African American? Southern? Midwestern roots?
See,she like Radnich wants to enjoy all the benefits of African American culture...Sports,Singing,Dancing style and favorite cars.

But neither has to put up with the discrimination,the last hired- first fired,among the whole range- of blatant to subtle twists and turns.

As a matter of fact both enjoy the fact they can leave the A.A. culture any time they want and be embraced by the status quo. Dark skin cannot.  When you hear Radnich sound like a farmer talking to his old white friends on the radio..then shift into, "My man" with the Shootys and Bips?  I can hear it everytime.
He would deny he does that..I've heard him get on Patrick Connor for shucking and jiving. Yet,Radnich does it himself -all the time.

Kloe "Ya'll be hate'in".  Like you don't deserve it?