Tuesday, February 16, 2016

KRON stalking Stan. The worst kept secret in the local media.

When a TV station commits a felony against a sometimes critic,while trying to get the dirt on me? THAT gets out.
Radnich couldnt have made it more obvious what KRON had been up to. KRON and most likely KNBR via Cumulus..well,I'm sure Radnich who is P.R. obsessed wanted to get back at me.

Only- If i get anybody who can give me details...well,I know how to hire a lawyer.

Also,Its not a case of dish it out and cant take it here. I dont drive by Raddys house and film him walking around his own home. But Im sure KRON did that. THATS stalking.

You all remember the glut of S.R. Hayward behaving badly stories right? uhuh.  Those seem to have ended since I caught them. Now they are in San Bruno or where ever the wind blows.
Yeah- I was stalked. Dirty rotten bastards,the day may come....

KRON make a public apology?  Sure,its the right thing to do.