Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lee Hammer hires yet another caucasian at KNBR. Our own Academy..

Some generic face and name- Kevin Jones- was hired by KNBR. Lee Hammer- bigot extreme- has again kept perfect the "whites only" hired by him record he has.
Its just amazing no media here have taken that jackass on. Where's  Rolling Stone Dude?  Ann? Tim? Monte?
I would like to see a people of color boycott of KNBR. Instead of the cowardly head in sands that the Monte's and the Nates and Shootys who perpetuate KNBR's  Hammers racism.

Gary Radnich? the con artist actually do something for somebody not himself? LOLOLOL. He was raised to be greedy and self centered. He once answered a question about the hiring practices in sports radio "So its all white? that's just the way it is".. !!! HE SAID THAT.

Hammer? He needs to get a pilots license.  The only way to break up the logjam...

Just like at Comcast,KRON and here...guess who's in charge?

btw- Giants announcers? Warriors radio? 49ers radio?...yep you guessed it. KNBR- Academy Awards every year,every day, in the bay area.