Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mark Davis will NEVER sell part ownership of the Raiders for a stadium here.

His income would rise,and he would have a new stadium if Mark Davis sold 50% to Ellison or the 24 hour Fitness gym guy. You would think it would fulfill all he wants..a shiny stadium in Oakland or even Modesto, and flushed with money beyond other people wildest dreams.
And then Mark says no.

Why? Lets enter his brain....

Mark was belittled all his life by his father reports say. He has no real interests that any reporter has has ever revealed. No real estate tycoon,or mover and shaker at anything. His life was waiting for his dad to pass away.

When it did happen?- he fired everybody who had dedicated their lives to his fathers and the Raiders.. Amy and all the rest. Even the Kawakami fighter. How Freudian is that?

So,his owning the Raiders is his first adult thing in life. He takes no orders,asks no favors. Walks taller. I bet all I have have his wife has no say so on the team- no community property as long as Mark breathes.

After waiting since 18? He's not going back to asking somebody who knows more what direction Raiders football will be going.
He would rather put the team in a Las Vegas circus act or a Mesquite patch in San Antone before ever taking orders.

I also see he's a sensitive guy..seriously. No,no going back to THAT. Never.