Saturday, February 6, 2016

Michael Crabtree...says Kap is vain and lazy.

Pretty much. He also said that Kap doesn't hit the playbook or look at film.

My opinion of Kap? Money changed him. Just as when JaMarcus got the millions down payment..that was the end of his work ethic,strive to be the best.

We all remember the rookie Kap...smiles..sweaty in camp..then..

We got the GQ Kap. The Lamborghini Kap...the above criticism Kap. The plenty of time to sit for Tats,Kap.

I always will point out the commercial of Kap,Brees,and Eli Manning all throwing a football simultaneously.  Bree's has fastest release,Manning next....and while the ball from Brees was already airborne,Kap was still in 12 O'clock windup.

Some body types can never be great QB's. Too fat and too tall. The bay area has seen both experiments crash and burn.