Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More on Apple...

Ok,I see what they want is not Apple to de-crypt the stored files,but to turn off the auto erase after 10 guesses of the password.
You know- that seems safe,because the USA may still need super computer power to come up with the terrorists password. What average person has that? And what idiot would put national security on a device?
I don't get how all these big company's like AOL,Google,Yahoo, ISP corporations,even companies that are supposed to be expensive firewalls....collect information all the time. I see Windows 10 is now a big suspect telling Microsoft what they should not know. Yet,they scream bloody murder when the gov. does what they do,but not even as intrusive!

I think Apple isn't doing this on moral grounds,its because it exposes all this computer stuff as inherently  unsafe. Bad for sales.

World Wide Web- get it?