Thursday, February 25, 2016

More on "The In Crowd"

Had to listen to it on youtube with Dobie Gray looking super cool on Shindig.

I'm in with in crowd..

"....any time of year don't ya hear?
Dress'in fine,mak'in time.

We breeze up and down the stree--eet,we get respect from the people we meeeeet...

THEY make way day oooor night, they know the in crowd is outta sight.. a spot where it's really hot,IF its square? we ain't there...

We make every minute count -yeah!
 Our share is always the biggest amount,

Other guys imitate us,
The original is still the greeeeatest...

Anytime of year, don't ya hear?
Spend'in cash, talk'in trash....

We got our own way of talk'in,our own way of walk'in..      (KRON learned that about me)

Girl,I'll show you a really good time,leave all you're troubles behind...

Cause,I'm in with the IN CROWD..