Thursday, February 25, 2016

New York Post written by idiots. Rips Yelp employee.

She wrote that after getting hired by Yelp in San Francisco- she barely made enough to live. Yelp fired her,the NY Post- the dumbest sumbitches around,tore into her and just piled on that she 's spoiled (80% of her income went to rent) that she should sell her car,get roommates,and a second job!

How about Yelp pay the college grad a decent wage? $12 an hour in San Francisco?  The NY Post never mentions the cost of living here. They said if she was desperate why take that job?..I say taking that job shows how desperate a college grad is to try and survive in San Francisco on that penny's a day adjusted for expenses income.

NY,should never write about the bay area. Unless its how great our weather is.