Saturday, February 13, 2016

One dumb Scalia down,one dumb Clarence Thomas to go.

"I always interpreted the constitution the way the men who wrote it 250 years ago intended,not the way people now want it to be"  That's from the dummy who rose to the top of the Supreme Court.

Scalia should have been exactly the way they intended 300 years ago and when they thought the Milky Way Galaxy was THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.  That and slavery rap music  to the Beatles. No freedom for woman,no interracial marriages.

Scalia in other words lived a legal fantasy of a world he was never part of. You also can't get any more elitist to defend the thinking of 250 years ago.

Republicans are America's ball and chain . Liberals might fantasize about a better tomorrow..but repubs can't even predict the past!..its a fantasy world when America was perfect..for them only or maybe the 1%.

These Judges who try to push that the Constitution is infallible,that's its the word of God?...are dangerous.