Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gary Radnich disrespects President Obama. Turns Warriors White House visit into old running gag.

He did the "keep putting off the main story" for the ones about African Americans that Gary Radnich like a plantation owner enjoys seeing. Jive and brag and dope smokers over the real Warrior achievements and Obama's.

What do you expect from KRON? Like their set resembling a rummage sale, They are just clowns now.
Gary Radnich must have had a great thought-not original- but since when is he that? "I know!,I will put that Demo bastard Obama on as late as I can to stick it to SF liberals."  That's old man Gary Radnich for you.

 Pamela joined in. If he doesn't pick on her? She don't care what he does to anybody. Its why she's not married has no children and has a BF who tells all the websites "Marry her? Never". Same as the abuse she gets with Gary Radnich. She returns for more the next day.

I think Pamela has issues. Serious ones, What went on in her family?

The cold shoulder EVERY GODDAMN NIGHT to Britt as Radnich rambles to her?

 Maybe not having children was best.