Thursday, February 18, 2016

Radnich happy Pacman dropped like a hot potato.

I wonder- why does he hate Asian's so much? He had that hate emanating from him as he talked of the Filipino fighter's fall from grace.
Radnich? doesnt give a damn about lbgt. Ask Kate Scott.

When I was a kid in Oakland it was a treat to go to Chinatown. The Characters on signs,the bustle,and of course the food. Love fried and battered prawns as a kid.

I wonder if  the Radnich family ever took little raddy to any ethnic hood? cooked any Asian foods?

He has that "I never met a Asian I ever liked" 'tude. Funny thing is..I get the feeling Latino's are never on his radar. He cant hate what he never notices.

Asians? You see the whole body language come over him. It says "I don't like them".