Monday, February 8, 2016

Radnich shouldnt mess with the cult elders...

I thought this was funny.   Radnich last night said "You know who I feel sorry for? Cathy Heenan. She's been sitting in that van since 9am".  The van by the stadium,not the river.

Well,KRONs producer then did a wide shot. Viki and Pamela are sitting there,and as soon as they heard that ? It was like "don't bullshit us" Viki never lifted her head working and typing,but said "Oh,she has not. She's been out meeting a few celebrities"..Pamela just laid back in her chair and laughed at raddys pity while she shook her head.

Do not try to put one on woman who are just as media savvy as you. Especially when you try to make what they are doing as all fun,while Cathy was in the real salt mines.

Heenan looked good too.