Saturday, February 13, 2016

Raider re-signup. What did I tell you?

I'm the only guy writing about sports who noticed their was no stadium built or available for the Raiders to go too.  Its scary how lemming like the local media can be. They ALL announced the Raiders were gone.
Gone where?  The Bahamas on vacation? Maybe they need a tax shelter? But they weren't going anyplace to play football.No damn way.
I was listening a bit to Tittle Talk on the game. I was Tittalized at how much he sounded like me. Only,I said it first and weeks ago.

Mark Davis wants sympathy because he doesn't have a 1.5 BILLION dollar stadium for free?  How about give me sympathy as Lingua (cows tongue) is now a very expensive cut of meat because the gringos now love it too! Aghhh!!!  And yet,unlike Mark I don't ask it to be free.

What kind of frigging fantasy world do the Davis family live in?