Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Since the media is stumped, Stan says how to beat the Warriors.

This is the ultimate scenario for a Stan coached team to beat the Great Golden State.

1. Play Curry hard defensively..he gets flustered. He will try to dish off passes. A. Make that pure work. B. That's less of him shooting. Nothing but good happens to teams who have that quick dogged guard- doesn't have to be tall- stick to Curry like super glue. His light frame causes him to tire by the middle of the third. Curry I notice hates guys who get right in his face,who guards him closer then his mama was when he was in the womb. THAT close.
I would call it the "Tim Lincecum effect"  Not enough fat to burn all game long.
2.Foul Bogut,go at Bogut.  Andrew makes the Warriors a 4 against five team. He's no threat to score,no threat to hit free throws.  He has a tendency to not show up,or to get flustered when pushed and yanked on-so to speak- It takes away his concentration to the point other teams more then once just grabbed the ball out of his hands. Simple.
3. Harrison Barnes is showing that he's not a scorer from distance. Let him take the long shots that aren't from the corner THOSE he can hit. Many NBA players can from there.
4.Kerr,If you can get on a roll? He's slow to get it. He wont call a timeout...Walton was like that too.
So get the guy with the hot hand the ball- often- if you are the other team.
5.Klay Thompson has improved on driving the lane this year I give him that,but still NBA eyes should light up at seeing him dribble into the lane. One steal,and streaky Klay could get cold.

So,that is the basic frame work. If the other team is willing to see a guard or two foul out in holding Curry to 10 points,that's a win baby.
Just try to outscore the Warriors? Is a sure loss.  Defense beats them..or 3 games in 4 nights. Then you got schedule lucky.