Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stan gives you the truth on " What Matters".

There's two types of people protesting. Relatives and those who have the same subculture and lifestyle.
And those who don't live in the those places where punks are shot by police.

I myself have flipped on Mario Woods. He had stabbed somebody and would not drop a knife.
Same as the 17 year old in Chicago. He had been caught breaking into cars..and flashed a knife to police.
Hayward police showed Mark Estrada respect. Pulled him drama. The officer walked up to the truck hands down. Mark Estrada? I read where neighbors said over the last couple of years he had made friends with a  group that gathered on his parents porch and talked loud . Already spoiled,Estrada showed the world who he is. Now he will be fed in a cage for 50 years.

I live with punks like that around me. What matters is that I don't have to put up with a war zone filled with young punks living a fantasy that there are no consequences to what they do. They also buy into intimidation is what gets you what you want-- if outright theft doesn't.

When these low life's hang around liquor stores open dealing and hand signaling?..I hope its a signal to police to crack some heads.

Let me tell you..police and gentrification are not bad things. Protect the longtime residents,but not at the expense of making everybody else see nothing improved. 97 year old's tossed out is just blatant and evil greed. That's not gentrification.

Let me tell you,when you hear the low life's speak? Its a dangerous fantasy world they live in when they add guns...or knifes. Police are reality. These punks think that those movies are real. That Ice Cubes and Ice Tea's and Ice Coffee...are telling them the truth. Sure,that's why when the rappers make it and are wealthy they live in expensive homes in the Tri Valley. And have poodles.
That's the real truth.