Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ted Griggs Comcast: Everybody in charge is Caucasian. Plus now more...

Same as the backstory. Same old shit.

Do you think if the brothers were in charge at Comcast or KRON,they would want an anti Obama, anti Jesse Jackson,anti Al Sharpton, on the air spouting for hours?  Anti union too.

Its just the lowest example of what those in charge want- because I DON'T BELIEVE FOR A SECOND, Gary Radnich draws ratings.

He's on KRON...KRON's ratings are terrible.

He's on KNBR..and despite the Giants,49ers,Warriors and 50,000 watts..his ratings are virtually the same as 95.7 's two unknowns on 5 watts and mono signal that travels to the end of the block.

He's the darling of those who exploit fans and people in general and carries their message.  Radnich- part of the club- gets hired and retained because he represents THEM.

I said it before,the color green is the second most important color in business. I learned that long ago.