Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thats the way,of the World. Child is born,the world makes his heart go cooold..

1975. That was the year.  EW&F, KC&The Sunshine Band, David Bowie and "Fame".  The theme from Jaws and little Dickies "Mr.Jaws" song.
James Taylor's version of How Sweet It Is.
I could go on.
No matter what the man says....
I'm not in love...
Midnight Blue....ok,mostly forced into my head. It was played hard in 75.
Let your Love Flow.. One of the very few great country songs.
Its Magic..possibly I'm a year off.
Ok- now I'm going Google.
 "Love will keep us together" And then last year she divorced his ass to keep her royalty's. Captain has some illness.
FREDDIE  FENDER! I haven't thought of him in years La Rasa.
Jive Talkin. I remember asking  a friend "That's the Bee Gees? "...Like Fame with Bowie it was an all new sound. Hip!
 Why Cant we be Friends? A Summer classic song.
It Only Takes a Minute Girl.  I dug Tavares.
PICK UP THE PIECES.   Still rocks and souls.

Not a single song that made me want to fight.  Just enjoy summer.