Sunday, February 14, 2016

The COWARDLY local sports media.

Very few have guts. Lowell Cohn has guts. Did you know until Lowell wrote about John Fisher and his art collection about 5 years ago,I had forgotten that John Fisher's name,let alone he was the true owner of the A's?
Think about that..endless Sue Slusser and Alex whats his name,endless columnists like Monte and Bruce and Ann and Tim...never once had mentioned John Fisher as of a few years ago. Same for talk Radio. Hey,I took what Lowell had implanted and ran with it..posted John Fisher everyplace including Wiki.
Now? Its common to read about the recluse John Fisher mentioned in local media. Yet,to this day,I have yet to hear of any writer say he wants to interview Fisher..or write that Fisher refuses to speak,to give his nutty side of his ownership goals.
KRON would rather track me down...then John Fisher.  COWARDS!