Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Gary Radnich and Pamela Moore Power trip.

Yes,I've see her lose it when he stuck it to her. BUT!  They have an agreement to keep in power. Gary Radnich can treat ANYBODY like dirt at KRON,and she will laugh. He can laugh at Dave by name,she laughs loud. He's glad to send Diane out on a hoverboard- she laughs loud..guffaws.
As long as its not her and she is the anchor at KRON.

Today's disgrace with the President of the United States and the Warriors? She's thinking of Neiman Marcus on her laptop and laughs because she knows her cue.

Britteney is in for it. Unless she caves. Stockholm syndrome.  Diane just gave kron the finger and left.

Btw- You notice Pamela never brings Britt into the conversation the last three kron minutes at 1135?  She will not. Just a cold shoulder. How can she do that EVERY night to that woman?

She will let Britt stand there like a statue smiling as she satisfies Radnich.  She will not defend anybody - present or past kron people when Mr Bitter Radnich rips. She's only for herself.