Sunday, February 14, 2016

The unpretentous anchor media. I name them many as I can think of today...

Who are the local anchors that have no rarefied airs? Never brag about cars or star F-ing?  Let me try to give you who at the very least come off that way.

 Kris Sanchez of KNTV She seems not to have an egotistical bone in her attractive body. I would feel safe around her. No backstabber qualities I have ever seen.

Scottie McGrew KNTV...again,doesn't show baggage,is very genial to strange wild opinions about life . Never pulls top dog on Kris Sanchez. Just professional.

Mark Tamayo KTVU. He does his job well,never adds what does not need added. Another far under the radar. Seems like he has a kind soul.

Larry Beil. KGO He gets ripped by others for off the air....but I have no idea if any of that is true. On the air,he's a regular guy. He's a self deprecating guy...but doesn't over do that. Never heard him even hint he's gods gift either...with a better than average sense of humor I might toss in.

Jessica Aguirre. KNTV She I notice is very even headed..never drawn in to agree with something she doesn't agree with. Raj,gets sometimes like raddy to moore...but unlike Moore, Jessica keeps her ground with just a smile or nod.

So this is my little group of those who do the news without making me angry at those doing the news reading. Calm news I would call it mostly.

btw,There isn't a sports anchor who doesn't have just reeking egotists.