Sunday, February 21, 2016

Three Amigo's would be a good morning show,or replace Bruce.

There's a lot of energy emanating from that show.

You know,I used to give Jason Barret almost the same grief I give the deserving of it, Lee Hammer.

But Barret before he left..followed my advice,he broke up the WASPish strangle hold on sports radio. That "P" could also be "C"  or "J".  Put on yer thinking caps as to what it adds up to.

So Barret went to Latino and African Americans,he had Tim Kawakami hosting shows for awhile. It worked- I always said it would be the only way to take down the warm milk of KNBR. Christ,even 1050 Hammer has kept pure. Including weekend shows about Golf,Auto Racing,Horses.

And why I never listen to KNBR on the weekends. Hammer has cleansed it of any color or interest.

I don't know much about Barret. A Republican? probably. But he was like the conservative Supreme Court Justice who broke from the others to voted for integration. I give Barret that.

One last thing about the Amigos...I bet they go to games? Lets see if they mention it tomorrow. I'm sure they would not pass on Super Bowl credentials like 95.7's Bruce did.