Friday, February 19, 2016

Tony Philips,Hendu and Jimmy Davenport.

Its one thing for a Jim Davenport to pass away. A name from so long ago,it feels natural.  But when you outlive names who were rookies at 18 when you were 19?..that's weird. When they die of old men heart attacks?..I never feel any worse then my crappy low back and maybe a a blood sugar thing. No big deal,even young people can get feel that way.

So,the 70's are really fading away huh? 3 out of 4 Bee Gee's are dead. Including Andy.  Donna Summer,gone. Bowie gone. Frey of the Eagles,gone.

You know I was just reading today a science article about the possibility you do get reborn,and in different circumstances. All because they think black holes exist in 5 dimensions or more. I guess,what they mean are being born someplace in some universe all the time. I wonder why they never include other living things? Like they don't matter as much? I bet they do.

When the thought that you might not wake up increases too might drop just driving or walking up the sinks in.
Now,what sinks in, I am still pondering.