Monday, February 1, 2016


If you get it installed you did better then me. Once it hangs half way? You  notice- it has NO cancel installation- so you have to rush to bring up task manager knowing bad things are happening to the PC.

By the time I shut it down and then restarted my computer- it began again on its own. So,once more I kill the process. I had to use other programs to get it off my PC and I knew that I might see problems. Sure enough,it took a file or a few, in the registry with it..and it took much self learning and 3 angry days to find out the cause and what  I needed. I needed a "part" that Microsoft no longer has..aghhhh!

On the internet I read "Good Luck you are stuck". I also read NOBODY who installs ZA has a good word for it. yet,when you go to the internet and ask whats the best? For some reason ZA wins all the tests. What I have learned? After you decide what you like after those tests? Type into google, Such and Such program is terrible,or it sucks, THEN,You see real people on boards telling you the truth about that product. One guy said he wished he could give it less then one star. Word.

Okay..after a good nights rest,I start writing down error codes..look each up on Google.found the problem,only as I said..unavailable.  Another nights angry rest.  I just start getting more exact on the program and my windows version when I typed into search. Voila! I found it..not from Microsoft but some other company.
An hour later a very important program to me was usable again. wow,what a headache and relief.

one last. Google needs to work harder to make sure search results are not manipulated. Try and find those company's bad mouthed is not easy.or finding truth.  All the praise? That comes right up.
I was better off with the set up I had. Now back to that. PTL! 10X...