Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Watch out Frank!- Julie Haener.

lol,I'm laughing already thinking of last nights ch2 News ending.   The big four - Julie,Frank,Mark,and Bill,are on camera as a story of silly questions being asked at the Super Bowl press-cons. Then Franks says to Julie in the spirit of the topic " If you were a tree,what kind of tree would you be?"  And do you know- Julie had NO IDEA of what the hell Frank was talking about. "What kind of tree would I be?  What does that mean?!" she asked miffed- I mean you can see she was angry at being made to look bad, for having no real comeback.

Frank Sommersville seems like a nice guy..but he looked at Julies expression- think a beautiful witch smile in a Disney classic Cartoon- and Frank LEANED AWAY from her-lol.. I'm still chuckling typing that.

First of all..Julie missed that the question was one of the ones in the story. Second of all....its a CLASSIC question going back to Barbara Walters..who you might know was once in the news bizz. Heard of her? And that question has been a running joke for 40 years. Julie..had no clue-lol.

I tell you- her reaction? When she takes those claws out,and her voice goes down to Karen Carpenter singing level,I think she can tear a man apart.

Man,no wonder she's an ex trophy wife. I bet her former has some stories to tell.....