Saturday, February 20, 2016

We need a Dont Be Stupid Law. For all cultures.

Mostly to crack the heads of the under 30 punks by Police. I support that.

If there is one thing the stupid are proud of? Its how stupid they are. Its a badge of honor to them. Because,being stupid is easy. So they do the Republican and FOX new spin even in the,say,barrio.

That's right. Repubs said Kerry was a coward and Bush brave- remember that most famous example of Karl Rove political spin yet devised?...Well,the punks do the same thing. Stupid is good. Stupider and with no respect is better then being honest or a good person.  It gets loudest laughs.

Its the exact same thing. Mike Savage spins that Scalia's death was a plot...punks spin you are bad for getting in the way of their fun- breaking the law. Both blatant pandering to the stupid.
We need more laws. The stupid are all over the place.