Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Who at KRON could get a job at another TV station?

I already mentioned Will Tran and Kate Cagle.
Brittney Shipp is ready to sail.
Stanley Roberts..his PBB would be snapped up by other local stations. He wouldn't have to leave the bay area.
Anny Hong. Pleasant.
Grant Lotis. He's sort of whats hot in the new look. The Jimmy Fallon generation.
Robin Winston is  a beauty. But,she's very dark and I can't think of many African American woman  dark skinned who have it as easy as the mocha's. Same old story.

After that?..it gets dicey. The elders would probably retire before they took a BIG cut in pay and move out of the bay area. Unless its Southern Cal. Cathy,Raddy,Pammy. Cathy might move in with Raddy's mom instead.

The other reporters? I think most would not find much demand. Maybe South Carolina where they like a seasoned big city TV reporter who will work dirt cheap.
Yep,the James and the Brian's and the Jeb's are sort of generic journeymen types. I can see them going back to advertising or get lucky and be a spokesperson for Waste Management. Pays good.

And Raddy? HE'S SURE he could take another bay area station by storm. He doesn't know that his baggage is only tolerated at KRON.  Like with his shot at hosting Yahoo sports proved,his "Its all about me " don't play well with his colleagues.