Thursday, February 4, 2016

XInfinity dvr is lousy quality. Dish's Hopper much better.

You know the game,one gives you half you give it a try again. The last year has been frustration with the XIfinity.   It's memory for what you record? About a tenth of the Hopper.

Then,XIfinitys FF,RR,F and and slow mo? Very poor. From the time you hit record or freeze frame? there is a one or two second delay. Now,with my 1996 VCR that had gears and levers and springs?..ok. But DIGITAL??.

With Hopper? When you hit pause- its instant.No delay. Digital world device. Hoppers various speeds in slow mo were great to use. Frame by Frame digital advance. When you used that with MLB super slow mo? You could see the bat ripple when it hit the ball. XInfinity? ONE speed of slo mo...and that's nearly as fast as real time.

One HUGE gripe about XInfinty? Every use of the remote causes the bottom 1/3 of the screen to go black!..WHY?  who needs that to read? AND- LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT Xinfinity dvr/cable box....its slow to go away. You saw a news scrawl that you caught the end of? unlike Hopper- rewind and play, NOOOO IXfinity goes black,so you have to rewind about 30 seconds farther in order for the black to fade. Try to time that!  What terrible engineering.

I'm going back to Dish as soon as I can.