Monday, February 15, 2016

Yet another run in with another neighborhood punk. Hayward Police Department learns I'm right...

So this guy thinks its funny to gun the engine early Sunday morning. Ok,I'm already getting steamed. Then,he makes the big mistake. He does it around noon. I decided we needed to talk. He's a runt. About 5'4" 120 pounds- maybe. He's driving a big black Mustang all the windows black,and with a super loud exhaust that he wants to share with me. Like in the way you would poke a bear with a stick, share.
So I walk over and say to the kid who by this time has closed a fence that goes across the little driveway of his parents.."Oh,you have the fastest car in the world. What are you ten years old?"..I'm on the sidewalk.

Like when you stir up a bunch of bugs?...they came out in full family.  Even the padre. Words went back and forth,I asked the father if he's deaf? Because all the rest of the street hears his punk kid annoy all of us not just driving by...noooo. He has to gun it,gun it some more like its a cheap chainsaw at the corner red light. He also ignores the 25mph sign. He likes 60.
Do you know,the kid said nothing to me...and disappeared into the yard head down,his little 16 year old brother or so, starts calling me nigger. Nigger this,nigger that,making threats. I can tell you I never felt so unafraid of being swung at. If he had done that,it would have been one huge,huge mistake on his part. Lets see,even at my being at 3X+ his would have been no contest.

So the father calls the police. Fine I tell him. Well,I know Hayward PD wasn't going to make this kind of call in a few I tell him,"You know where I live- right there"..about 60 feet away.

About an hour later an officer knocks on my door. "How are you " he asks" Uh,not so good I tell him. So- I tell him just what I told you. He says" Don't try to handle it on your own-call us". I told him,I've done that- MANY times over the last 2-3 years.  I also told the story's I've written here..the punk in the beater red Mustang,Biker boy who's nose I broke-after he swung at me,and some of the others "These punks think they own these streets" I said,now getting a bit riled up.
And THEN,guess what?  As he and I are conversing on my porch...right down the corner one of the punks lets it rip with tires burning engine screaming.  "THATS EVERY DAY! I told the officer who looked down the street like a war had broken out.
And do you know he said "Let me talk to those people"..and that was the end.

Those punks couldn't have picked a better time to prove me right. TWO Hayward PD...getting a in- your- face, from punk scum.

One other thing. Not being African American,I let go- twice- being called nigger over and over. I swear to you all- NEVER AGAIN.  The next punk to say that to me? I WILL call the police,and I WILL push that its a hate crime in all this. That's a vow.