Thursday, March 31, 2016

My advice to KRON- spend some money on good camera's.The ones your people use are amateurish.

Kate Cagle did a lead off  story for KRON live. It was blurry.  What goes through the minds of KRON honcho's as they put on air what looks like you tube,2007 quality vids?.
Again- KPIX story's were crystal clear. KRON's not sharp and also seemed too dark. Nobody adjusts anything like a real photographer would do..
So,while you spend to add a 10 pm news...let go of the cash for some quality hardware. Try 4K even.
KPIX on the other hand does top notch work. Even Stanley Roberts camera isn't KPIX level. Its more 35mm film or something. Don't ask Gabe Slate,he don't know camera's...

Kate is the hottest talent KRON will ever luck into...and they do that?

Want to know the best TV? The best Tower PC? Low budget but good monitors? Gabe Slate wont tell you.

This guy makes a living advertising Iphones.KRON's tech guy wont say a thing about point and shoot camera's,or SLR -again- on a budget.
Heck I saw a nice Ultra HD TV at Walmart...reliable? good value? Gabe won't touch it.

I wonder how much APPLE slides under the table to KRON to keep pushing every new bell and whistle?

North Korea or Iran screwing up BART?

A program that causes overloads? Can be done. We did it to Iran with their Nuclear centrifuges. Made them spin until they burnt out.
Hmmm,BART sounds suspiciously similar....

I would tell Curry- shoot ,dont pass.

His passes are just one less shot for him to take. He can drive the lane- again that's not passing- and shoot.
But Steph,stop with the passing. Let the mortals look for you,and you, not for them.

Local sports media afraid to point out Curry's bad passing and dribbling skills..

As I pointed out- he touched the ball three times in a row,and turned it over not one or two,but three straight bad passes...all loop passes. He also has been picked quite a few times when he starts to do the "Ali shuffle" in front of an opposing NBA player- who are good enough to just reach in and take it,as Hayward did late fourth quarter.
Curry's best pass? a bouncer to Draymond Green. It was great passing 101. A bounce pass nobody but Green was going to get.
Its a flaw in Currys game that I can see why Kerr might not get on him about. But the media just ignore it? Fitzgerald makes excuses to the point even Barnett has to stand his ground and say "I didn't like it".
The written word? Only here. Where the NBA gets its Warrior scouting report.

On the AM side there's KCBS and.. the ether...

Just when I started to give KGO a listen...they go all rightwing on me. Just fits San Francisco to a T. Like Donald Trump.
Funny,I hardly ever listen to FM oldies anymore. They play the same few songs over and over to the point I just got tired of Hotel California. 80's songs are as bad as I remember. Not much nostalgia there.
One news station is all AM and FM produce, other than sports in San Francisco? KQED FM? Here I come old folgyland...

The ether was what they called empty space a century and quarter ago.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wowee WOW WOW...Pamela,Britt and Lodes do sports talk. Gary Radnich does not allow that.

Britt NEVER gets to say a thing during the ch4 Gary Radnich show..aka kron news, when HE'S there.
What a slap in the face to "Mr. Eyebinhere30yeres".

Curry passing- pretty bad for a Superstar.

Three times he touched the ball,three times he threw it away. He's got carte blanch to pass.That's the problem. He fancy's himself as a great wizard..and he's NEVER been a wizard. His turnovers kind of bother me..its like he wont learn whats best. It makes a big hole in his game.
Yeah,when he scores 60 we all forget the turnovers. But,why can't he learn those loop passes are bad fundamentals? Nobody else does them because of that..put Curry in the loop somebody.

Why no NBA team can beat the Warriors.

NBA players are too selfish. You tell a starting guard in the NBA "Just hound Curry-that's it"..some will do it once,none would do it over a full series. "What am I ?" they ask themselves. They wont sacrifice for the team..Paul wont do it,Westbrook won't do it,Harden won't do it. If they did? Their teams might upset mighty GoldenCurry.

But they wont. One game? yeah,If pressured by the coach. After that,THEY want to beat Curry at being Curry.

Deladova?  I notice even HE starts to play loose,start shooting..even three's. Attempts. His vanity gets the best of him.

Maybe- THAT'S what Oscar Robinson meant when he said Curry couldn't do then what he does now. Players then followed orders. Now? everybody is a star. The paycheck says so.

Things are building- I can feel it in the air..

You notice? Getting the feeling?

Alan Wang whomped.

Alan Wang..he's been a minor under the radar personality at KGO for years now. He must have did something more then be against hepatitis. Who's not against that?
No,the real deep details aren't out. Yet.

If KRON does 10-11:15 newscast,that pushes back the 11 news to 11:15-11:45?

I'm sure Radnich wont mind being later at KRON. Whatever KRON does that changes the contracts for him and Pamela and Britt,must come with a bonus. Money always makes him happy.

I'm not sure I get the time changes... basically 10pm to 11:45 newscast? Better then the Mentalist or Dr. Phil at night I guess.

Now WHO anchors the 10pm? Who does the 10pm sports? Carpenter or will Radnich take that bit of extra out of Carpenters mouth?

10pm- Cathy Heenan? I would think so.

So KRON is taking on the mighty Two at Ten?

I broke down and Tweeted Kate.

Well,I got one of those emails of her tweet page. I hadn't planned to.  I'm not even sure if she got it...KRON's probably got me on the banned list.
I took a chance. A man of adventure does things like that.
Man,if I was just a few....younger. Oh,the missing word is decades.

Even when she wears schoolteacher green- she overcomes. Of course,skipping green is the best choice of all....

Kruger needs guests........getting dull...

You know,without the stupidity machine of Radnich serving up high and down the middle remarks,Kruger falls back alone on too much straight sports talk. He's not ripping anybody or making jokes..too much sports nerd. Not enough love and hate and the thin line between them...
He needs to channel Ralph or The old guy,or Kawakami...stir it up.
Give me something.
Yes,he's just killing time. But he knew he had a week- should have embraced it.

Argument has not affected Robin Winston's body.

Everything is fine-whew!..what a relief. Still chilly in kron's newsroom though. In more ways than one,wink,wink.
I read that "the fight" might have been a mere dust up. Never rush to judgment is my motto.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Robin Winston attacks pregnant Annie Hong verbally?

Well,there have been rumors Robin is hard to get along with in the past. What beauty fighting to get in doors rarely opened aren't?
But Annie Hong isn't the total stereotype of demure Asian. She wants her fair share of the Earthpie. That she as an Asian woman has survived at Asian hostile KRON is downright amazing.
Annie is VERY popular on this blog. Her topics get high views.

Also- reading the KRON has  HR department?  I never would have guessed. Or maybe I would since I picked up on Radnich being told to keep his hands to himself and the set design changed to put him away in the outer lands so to speak.
Oh well lets wait for media reports for further analysis.
If the rumored reports of the fight are even true. Keep that in mind.

KRON stepping into the bucket O' bumbling..

They actually raised the bar a bit when they cooled on JR Stone. But,its starting again. He can't change and if KRON runs him out there often enough he's going to do his frat boy interviews.
KRON has a few reporters who do seem serious- Kate,Jeff,Rob,Alicia, and you would think they would be in that first 10 minutes of story's..not toothy and smiling JR. He's like everybody's cousin on his first day.

Stan getting new readers..Uk Daily

According to Google stats - no hacking- I've been getting some national and international media checking in on what I have to say about media and life in the streets. Plus a slew of other blogs that I guess somehow found me. Plus reddit.
Why not? Who else calls things like I do? Hell,I feel bad I gave Curry's NBA opponents my scouting report. In his face and double teams..that was me. I have more to say ..insights for another day.
Plus the pregnancy's- people LOVE that. I would never have guessed. I thought it was interesting.but that so many others? Once again,my finger on the pulse.
People want to know what I want to know. What a surprise.

Cliff Ray on 95.7

I still feel ashamed for KNBR when they asked who after Bogut has been the best center in Warrior bay area history? And they never said....
Clifford Ray...who had shared duties with George Bogut and Festus or Mo.

I had to leave before the interview really got going. I do know that he and the rest were the standards for 40 something years now. That was the first era of local great Warrior ball until RUN TMC.  And the latter never won a title.
Keith Wilkes Phil Smith,Butch Beard,(Clyde Lee and Jeff Mullins,Cazzie Russell, pre champ team...but a good team) Johnson,Ray, and some guy named Barry.

Will Alma Daetz wear thigh gap jewelry?

The newest trend in fashion is to show off your thigh gap with jewelry. She's the only one I can think of who has that..when she does those stand up reports in black slacks.
I will be looking to see if bay area media has any other candidates. That and cut thighs.  The bay area hasn't seen a great pair since Barbara Simpson in 1990, more or less.

Yeah- this was a stretch. An afterthought thought that should have remained unthought.

Rosemary Orozco and Famke Janssen seperated at birth?

Strong resemblance. Rosemary tried her hand at acting- did you know that?

Get well Lowell.

He mentioned he's having health problems. I notice on Yahoo,his left eye seemed a bit closed. He wasn't wearing his glasses either.
Speaking of glasses- I hope he didn't give in to Krugers crazy obsession with Lowell Cohn's glasses.
As if Lowell is the only person to look over the top of his glasses to see? I do it all the time to read ingredients in my cereals, I want high fiber...

Savanah Guthrie so hot,she was making Hoda hot...

You could see for a short time,Hoda was getting a little melty, out of breath. Savanah knew it too.
She came dressed and makeupped to kill for a morning show.
That Savanah looked-and wanted to look- so smoking hot? I wonder how that marriage of hers is going?
There I go again...

Monday, March 28, 2016

If Kate Cagle says so ,its true.

If I EVER find out she's lying to me ?
I forgive her.
I would still make her lunch.

Kate,Cathy,Britt, and Mark doing the sports?...just as good as the starters. Heck,play some kitten vids...ratings go up.

EastCoast basketball,asks,Are the Warriors a good team? How overrated are the Golden State Warriors?. Is Curry better then Tiny Archibald?

My Fictitious Magazine of all East Coast thinking also has articles like "Why Splash brothers? They don't swim,are not brothers."

"Kerr learned all he knows from Phil Jackson!..only some of Warrior strategy is Kerr's. Phil is the REAL coach".

"Golden State Cheerleaders,how ugly,fat, are they to Philly,Cleveland and New York cheerleaders?"

"Should Charles Barkley Get a Nobel Prize? We say, YES!..."

"Stats prove,computer simulations,- Golden State would lose to the 1948 Washington Generals."

"Finally proven- Curry's long shots due to Bat Boy biting him as a child. We say that's cheating with bat radar steroids."

It should hit the stands soon.

No Radnich the next week. On vacation in Washington DC..

My spies (Larry Kruger) gave me this exclusive fact. Unless you heard it too.

Batman and Superman can't figure out they both fight crime?

Haven't seen the movie,but judging by the clips...they seem to think the other is a bad guy? Like, are they stoopid? Don't notice that the Joker and Lex Luther are constantly being arrested by the other guy?
Ok,wait to see the day.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Greg Papa got divorced. So did Manservant?

No wedding ring. Gee,what woman could live without Mr. Comedy?  He and Lund,the Divorced Brothers.
NO wonder Papa sounds like a guy hanging out in bars in every town. He does it. With his black Mustang- according to the commercial- Greggy fits the needy middle aged man. If you know what I mean,and I'm sure you do.
I saw Brian Van Akens had no ring...he had one before when he started at KRON. Said he had a beautiful wife.
KRON ended all that.

1,000 police officers fired every year for sex crimes. Says a conservative estimate.

When you give men power...No surprise.  Day after day of liars,thieves,complaining can you not think you deserve something,something special?
I wouldn't last long as an officer. I don't like liars,thieves,crooks. I would be let go before I could even formulate a sex thought. "Beat the hell out of the punk" would be my motto-lol. First day.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Boston Globe says 1985 Celtics beat this years Warriors 110-105. THEY LIE!

Again,the east coast can't admit an Oakland team is great...the dead horse speed of the 85 Celtics?...they couldn't last three quarters.
Bob Ryan is now senile.

The urban stupidity. A city of Mark Estrada's.

I think Heather Holmes,and Stanley Roberts reports have backed up my writings on living around here. Dropouts,young parolee's,ex Oaklanders..and not from the Oakland hills either.
The mayor and city council are apathetic. Complain and they admit they will do nothing- right Stanley? Isn't that what that Hayward official told you? The same as when I wrote to complain why don't the police enforce the helmet laws? He told me "nobody cares".

I'm two blocks from the paradise of the greenbelt...and right up against dummies -young dummies who buy into the ghetto/barrio excuse to remain and be stupid.
The best times..are the times I'm not home...

Richard Rawlings can't die fast enough..scumball.

He's made enough money making America miserable. "Fast and Loud and Burnouts"..only as I pointed out,the money he makes lets him live away from what he promotes,the asshole.

HE started this a typical American business scum he's made a fortune producing nothing...nothing worth a damn.

Whoo-hoo,more people killed drag racing because Fast and Loud says "cool" every minute on that show.

He needs to do more beer drinking and the lightpole Richy...

Who would I like to advertise and endorse my blog? Cookie Monster still rocks...

George Clooney: "Ladies, Stan and I have remarkably similar eyes"

CAL Berkeley Astrophysicist Alex Filippenko: "We look to Stan's blog to get insights into the nature of the Universe. And why Billy Beane ruined the A's".

Barack Obama: "Stan'".

Zooey Deschannel: "I await for the murmur of his heart,I can feel the pulse in his writings".  She's so kind.

I would pay top dollar,but I'm sure they would insist for free if asked.

NCAA's The three point competition.

I love how it irritates the establishment. Hey,if Curry does it,I want to do it too!

What the establishment doesn't realize is..practice and skill can do it. So,this nationwide craze to pull up and shoot from far,far, away is going make some great future NBA player.

And if you can shoot good...the rest of you wants to keep up,so those players will want to work on the rest of their game..some will succeed, most will not. Same as always.

Stan explains faster then light travel.

I read where scientists say "Its not even a real question because its not possible"  Well,if Einstein tried "You travel back in time"..then why not my version?

You,essentially die. As you break the speed of light as I thunk it,you are moving faster then any photons...they never reach you. That means the Universe turns black. It also means that the electrical signals of you're body also can never move from one point to another,hence for you- time ends. You are not truly dead,just dead as long as something is pushing you faster than light. And,you never know it.

NOW,What could push you faster than light? How about the dark energy that's expanding the Universe much faster than light as I type? Its an accepted scientific fact- not theory...Somehow in the future,science is able to puncture the fabric of space to free that energy behind yer rocket sled. See?...THAT'S what pushes you to the point that you possibly divide the Universe is half. Wild huh?
Like a balloon- that alternate Universe air- energy expanding now our faster then light engine.
Yeah,I got it figured all out.

Larry Beil nods to Stan's blog.

He was joking about how much he paid for his hair (nothing) in comparing it to the hairy baby gone viral.
"If I mention my hair,blogs will talk about it,you know"..and Ana nodded.

I talked!

John Lund trying to seduce Gianna Franco? Ewwwwww....

As the kids would say. And gross.  He would be a real step....downwards. And,smallwards.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Always be a good parent...your kids will always love you.

You ever met a kid who said "I would love my parents more if they had more money"?. Nah- you didn't.

Greg Papa's next comedy breakthrough? Cancer!

 Child molesting and animal abuse was a start...

"I once knew somebody who had  cancer" says Papa "I -for a joke played him that part of the Nirvana song "I'll eat you're cancer when you turn black" Oh,how I laughed at the look on his face!"
Papa,just a comedic rules breaker.

Mr. Stan approves Maureen Kelly's dress. I dig the black dress and flowers sundress...thing.

Its an old classic style I always liked. Shows a woman's figure,seems alluring. Its making a comeback?

Kate Cagle has fun Tweet...thing.

Kinda funny..with a photo of her that makes you melt you old fool. Younger guys? -as Steven Tyler once said,Dream on.
She mentions she's looking for nerds to follow.       My hands up....

Is that why Radnich is looking disheveled? Roaming?...PAPA? hated by all.

It would fit..making time between newscast. I don't know. He's off in the head,who knows what he's capable of.

Damon Bruce hates Greg Papa? Papa is like Trump to the other conservative sports hosts..arrogant,money hungry on a higher level,ego that fits,so they acquit themselves of any wrong.

And all that I have said over the years slowly grinds to be....told you.

Greg Papa SHOCK JOCK . Typical bad Stern imitator.

When he does his shock jock shit,what an embarrassment he must be to the Raiders,The Warriors and Comcast. The "Inner Greg" is an asshole.
What does it say that the liberal bay area has had FORCED on it, Gary Radnich,Larry Kruger,Lund and Greg Papa and of course, remember Mancow? ALL conservative haters put on the air by big Business decade after decade...sniveling cowards all.
Papa is such a low life homer..he once said that "Mark Davis would have his heart torn out over the Raiders leaving"  LOL,LOL. Said Greg like a little raider girl. Davis would piss on Oakland in an instant if it enabled the team to move.

Papa? There can't be an under 30 at 95.7 who believes what big Poppy puts out there..its so slanted and paid for. I think he comes in one door...and the 3 amigos, Zach and Guru..the other. No way,his conservative low life humor that tosses in animal abuse and child molesting is wanted tainting the other normal hosts. Like at KNBR and KRON,they are gamevicts.
What has the bay area done to deserve this? Oh, people of color,held hostage by nobody who looks like us. THAT'S it.

What Greg Papa is,is a media whore. LOL- The King of all Media Whores- get it Greggy?

I bet Papa collects Nazi memorabilia. He puts on a little bitty mustache- BOOM!..Hitler twin. He could model Hitler for the Wax Museum....

Draymond Green,Me,and the sport media.

When he chewed out Kerr..I pointed to that as the reason the Warriors dropped a game to the Lakers. Between that and his excess technical fouls we're looking at a budding cancer to the team.

What did Tom T and Ratto say? It didn't mean he was affecting the team,that its not a pattern....

Now he's posting vids of life endangering actions- his own and yours.

He will be making a statement of apology today. His second this season.

 I see a pattern.

They want to ban lane about performance exhausts too?

If their getting smart about lane splitting,how about we borrow a law from the UK?  They measure DB's from your exhaust as part of their standard tests. Brilliant!
This fad where you make a Honda civic sound like the worlds loudest lawnmower? Or a motorcycle the worlds loudest chainsaw?..its entertainment for the stupid,that intrudes on quality of life for bay areans.
Those morons only WANT to annoy people. So,why is that legal?

If they love loud- get headphones,play loud sounds full blast, and go deaf...but don't bother me with your stupid fun and fun for the stupid..

Steph Curry? I thought it was his loser brother Stiff Curry.

You can see his wax statue's head is too wide,and the hairline is a bit off. Having the real Steph right next to it makes it look even worse.
What "Madam Tussaud" needs to do is use a 3 d printer,and get perfect reproduction. At least for the head.  Join the 21st century.

Garry Shandling make Radnich worry?

A stretch- but they are the same age,and Shandling waited just minutes too long to call for emergency help.
Shandling,Bowie,Frey,that's talent that entertained people in their prime from 1975-1995 give or take.

To me- its in older brother range. I guess "my range" isn't far from now.

Anyways,Raddy makes a good local tie in to the world out there.

Have a nice day!

Congrats to all the media I never mention for doing a good job. Soldiers of news.

Reliable,hard working. I'm sure everybody gets that it would be boring to say "That report was just fine".

Pam Cook looked a bit sexy in red and red shoes today. Old habits die hard.

Babys,puppies,kittens and warm days..

After that,its hard to say whats good in life-lol.  Especially when you've done the good things over and over as you age.
I think Aliens in spaceships landing with phasers firing is the only new thing for us aging types. That would break up the monotony.

Hayward home invasion...yeah,our typical apartment dwellers...

When you see 1950's apartments? You don't have to wait long to see police cars.

Also- I notice,Nissan Altima's are the preferred car of criminals and urban dummies. I think they gave up on Chrysler 300's as too junkie and gas hogs.
 It figures that Consumer Reports would then name the Altima as one of the most unreliable cars you can buy.

Nissan in general has really slipped as a brand. Shocking that a major Japanese auto manufacturer is having problems with reliability- even the flagship Infinit's are low rated.

Altima's? Also preferred by asshole drivers...they can always be counted on to either speed and cut lanes..or hold up the lane as they text.
Seen it all a million times.
You too- right?

Basg blog...not much to read.

A story every three days? With all the local teams we have? Its like he's doing it after a day at the bakery-if he's in the mood.
When he sold out? That blog went straight down.
What good are credentials if you use them to be a barker for law breakers speeding down highways?

Man,he couldn't have been more obvious doing damage control. Just as if he worked for the Warriors in some way...

lol,He was "the expert testimony" for the defense. The paid expert.

Grant Lodes gets his dig in at Obama.

He rates Obama a 5 as a Tango dancer. 5? Like what president was better then he? Nixon?

Britteny got the answer right,a 10.

Radnich skips his morning show..

He hasn't looked good lately. Lots of sweating,huffing and puffing. He always sounds on KRON like he can't get enough air.
I get the feeling he's rounding third base at KRON.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Small dogs making a comeback.

I notice that. I see a whole lot of people- even young tough guy types- with small dogs. Its not the pit bull parade it had been for 20 years or so. Its like my dog is smaller then your dog.
One nice thing about those small dogs...always wagging their tails.

On the positive side...

There is no positive side.

What do you call sitting between Keba Arnold and Sarah Palin?

Stereo suicide.

Keba Arnold voice. I can't take it.

I can't.
Its pick up your clothes,wash behind your ears,I'm going to turn this car around voice. Whew- praise KGO for offering an alternative.

More media sheep: The Warriors need Boguts defense and passing". No,they need STEPH!!!!

Look,he is their best center...but Steph would win titles with Deandre Jordan and name the other top ten centers in the NBA.  Draymond,Klay,same story. Curry would have won last year with Kevin Love. He wins next year with Kevin Durant.
Its Curry,and some players being inspired...Mo,Shawn Of the Playing,Leandro who is no San. Plus Klay etc.
Bogut misses so much time,and nobody really noticed when Festus could fill in...but down to forwards as centers? sure Bogut is big. He's 7' big.

Steve Berman,aka BASG,Warrior pr whore. Defends 118 fucking mph as "just fun".

"Nobody was hurt,we all test our cars". No,I've never tested 118mph.

Steve Berman had his hands in Joe Lacobs pocket while was lowest sports journalism known.

IF you or I had posted film of law breaking- we would face consequences. The Warriors-"Of high character" as Joe Lacob said last year...have done nothing.

Steve Berman? wow. Pathetic,sorry excuse for a media rep.

Draymond Green should at least be investigated.

Not only speeding- reckless endangerment,and loss of license is automatic for speeds of 90mph. 118mph is a speeding 3,000 pound projectile. Its sad to hear 50,000 watt  sports host excuse it. "Not weaving".."not heavy traffic". Insanely irresponsible use of the airwaves.
Plenty of YouTube show offs have been arrested because of their vids. Draymond removed his because Golden State lawyers must have hit the roof seeing that.

Green is more and more a cancer on the team. He's the new Monta Ellis,with mouthing back at the coach and off court shenanigans.

KNBR's old dinosaurs were on PR control. Idiot bastards of 9-12.

Wowee- Heather and KRON near my home...

I could in four tries throw a stone to the school with the bully that tortures the middle eastern young girl.
Doesn't surprise me...I know this area. Its filled with Enid Espinoza's here,and Oakland refugee's there. Parents who left Oakland to get away from crime..and their teen children instead made a mini bad oakland. Punks.  Punks who think there are no consequences because their asshole friends tell them so. The subculture of stupid.
I  fight that everyday.
No,no bars on windows here,no homes abandoned..looks fairly normal. Real estate has gone way up. But the attitude is really fantasy world of vid games and hip hop talk.
The problem is...nobody speaks up,nobody wants to stand up. I stand and speak. But there are too many stupid in this world for me to fight all.

Neighbors are hoods is right.
You see? I never had to make up a thing...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why doesnt Gary Radnich honor this NFL African American?

When a no.1 last year went out and bought a white NEW Bentley,Radnich told that story for days and days on KRON and KNBR.
So when somebody who shows he is a great role model comes along? Radnich ignores the story.
check this out:

How close did Mike Mibach come to laughing when he said Phife Dawg?

"PhifeDog died". He came THAT close!

I laughed.

Krueger: Gary has a Bentley he hasn't driven he's so rich. Yeah? Its broken down is why- AND WHY...

LOL.  That would be him. Not just own  pieces of crap to impress...but get two. I used Google Earth and could see the second Bentley in the Radnich PacHeights  driveway- on blocks- Radnich had oil pans under it. It leaks more then your Grandpa after a sixpack.  You can tell it's his by the faded UNLV sticker and confederate flag.
 Don't believe me? Look at Google Earth. Certain versions- wink.

He's so rich...he runs to KRON huffing and puffing wearing his suit with no tie,tennies,unshaven.
Sounds just like he can hardly wait to get to his job.

Reggie Aqui and Mike Nicco. Not BFF's.

Yeah,them too seem to not like each other. I think Mike took the first on air shot between the two a few months ago. He said something about Reggie wearing a dress.  The no-no of accusations.
And when Kristin Sze fills in for Natasha..its 2 vs 1.  Kristin lost her morning job to the young duo of Aqui and Zouvres as you know.
And that first shot by Nicco? It had "something off air" revenge about it. Only them two would know what.

Give Pero his due. Brittney and Robin break barriers..

It was always said,hot black woman would never be hired because that's considered some type of taboo by TV News Directors.
It was true in the bay area. All the black woman before were very modestly dressed and prim. None really showed as much as a figure. I would say ch2's  Keba Arnold is more of the old tradition.
Robin Winston is the first black woman in bay area history to even approach the cleavage showing of  -say- Jackie Bennet or Christin Loren just two latest examples.

Why Pero has problems with brown woman is another story...

How does Brent Cannon get back at local celeb wife?

"If you want to make a federal case over a shove?".."Hmm,I guess those fantasy's and favorite positions of yours could come out". Remind her about Facebook.
God,that would be low and playing dirty.

Hey,I see Brent is doing a commercial for a lawyer. BRENT would be perfect for that law firm that specializes in men's divorce...

Justin Beiber suicidal?

When I saw him on the news? He's got the whole 1992 Curt Cobain thing going...ripped jeans,baggy t-shirt with anarchy symbols..blond hair in his eyes and of course the "I'm in pain" look on his face.
I guess he's tired of the pretty boy reputation and wants to cross into the musical "arteest" arena.

Soon,he will be into drugs and rehabs? Its the next step to rock God glory. For Beebs,

UPDATE: This really tanked as a post. My last mention of him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Univision ch14 has highest SF bay area news ratings 24-54.

 Higher then 2,4,5,7,...
So,why do you see no Mexican American reporters on KRON?  Or hear any on KNBR?..IT flys in the face of "The only color that matters is green to business"...Hell,Kron can hire a brownnoser like Grant Lodes..but cant hire a person with a brown nose? (btw,Lodes is shamelessly sucky)

No,the invisible people affect again at play in the bay area.

They have made some inroads- The Three Amigos on 95.7 are clinging with all they got with their chance. But,its small potatoes compared to the economics of the huge Mexican American bay area population.

Will, Will Tran replace Radnich?

A long range prediction. Will,as it turns out is funny,off the wall,and gets along with ethnic weather woman. He even as Sports Director goes to games,has fun doing it. He does a fine "Will's World".

The 49ers will regret not trading Kap as the 49ers flounder and he try's to freeze out the media with the now hostile "face of the franchise". Jed,offers the moon to David Shaw in 2017.

The Giants will find that Matt Cain no longer can throw strikes..that don't end up as HR's. He's a two strike miracle for MLB. 2 strikes- THEN he gives up the HR. 2 outs is his other specialty give ups. Still,its the every two year mark. You have to go with the blessing. What? are you blind?

The A's fire Melvin,then hire Washington. Its been the plan all along.

The Warriors will repeat. Little Luke Walton is named head coach of the Lakers or Knicks.

The Raiders will see Carr become injured as he's just too fragile as a starter. They of course have no backup to save the season. Just when they were on the edge of goodness. The Raiders play 2018 in Santa Clara just to get back at Oakland. "ABO"  anywhere but Oakland.

I am willing to blow myself up to show honor to Santa Claus. 42 virgin elves await me.

I must defend the honor of Claus who gifts children all over the world navigating his flying deer down chimneys. Santa's book of who's naughty and who's nice is the final word I will martyr myself over.
Next,I will kill all the infidels who will not eat green eggs and ham the wise Doctor told us we must eat,Sam.
Holy Books are all truth.
I have faith.

ok,not my best....

Does the APPLE phone have any info on the bombing?

Now what does Apple say? Tough spot to be in.

Stanley Roberts leaves viewers hanging on Motorcycle chase..

He's doing a story on some mass enforcement week,and does the usual ticketed interviews. BUT! scene is he's in a patrol car behind - speaking of motorcycle punks- a motorcylist who gets the sirens and flashing lights. What does he do? He flees. Runs a red light.
What happens next? Nothing. Roberts ends the story with NO explanation...NO followup. I imagine they had the guys license plate number.

Is it now THAT easy to speed on a motorcycle? No tickets ever? I notice I rarely see one getting a ticket even when doing 80 in a 25mph zone.

Law enforcement needs a plan..a method to catch these new hyperbikes. I myself would make it illegal to have a bike that powerful. There is no need whatsoever for them.

I heard a few days ago they are trying to end lane splitting. That's a no brainer. Let them wait like the rest of us.

Some laws need to be put on the lawlessness.

Lowell Cohn now believes in team chemistry.

Its why I said Beane was sinking the A's trading Cespedes for some guy who used to be good,and now plays for money only.
Adding Durant is a good idea if he replaces players who WANT to go...If Barnes gets some great offer- fine. He can play for money only someplace else....

Gaining weight as you get older. Natures' botox.

You notice chubby people don't look to age as fast as skinny all their lives, people? Older,the fat fills in the creases.
Soon,I will look 10 years old. I always did look good in a school uniform. A sharp dressed kid.

Ok,Ok Warrior second team has done better then I expected.

Mo,Barbosa and the Stanford guy...have been worthy of grade A's. Mo,A+.   Mo?  I don't get why the national media isn't doing story's on this guy..he's Mo money,Mo money,Mo money, in the bank, game after game. After game.

Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports,whines Curry is a guest too often on the Dan Patrick Show.

"Why don't you have Rubio on?" "We have asked Rubio" says Patrick" "But like that shot (as last nights game is shown) he missed his chance".  Burn!

See,this is why the Warriors get no national respect other then from the heavy hitters like Patrick..because the rest of eastern Sports media claims every team in the east has a better Curry-LOL.

I called BOGUT INJURY,March 11, "Is there something wrong with his foot?"

Tim didn't,Diamond was clueless as was KNBR,95.7 ALL the award winning sports writers. Only your man,STAN,called it.
The local teams can't lie to me. Even when their relatives get drunk at Warrior games....

Terrorist,punks,all the same.

I'm going to start a protest that Hayward PD doesn't shoot them ENOUGH. Terrorist are those motorcycle punks who - just ride away when cops try to pull them over.
I would allow police to shoot to kill when that happens. How many American's are killed each year by punks? Do we need punks?.

One day- Police cars will have "lock on" kind of munitions mounted to cars just for such motormorons. Take them out.

Radnich going nuts. Doesnt shave for KRON news...

Somethings going on. He's either calling out a female producer named Jin or Gin at KRON and complaining his sportscast time is limited or like last night- He didn't even shave. OR he's showing up so late,he's sweating and huffing and puffing like a cardio victim.

Plus, he did a short 3 minute cast with his Mormon third wife Cathy Heenan giving him the Nancy Reagan "I worship you". look.

You would think he could go out gracefully..but I guess falling down is his way...

Tara VanDeveer likes Radnich because she either doesnt listen to his show...

AND never heard him yawn to Kate Scott about woman sports OR, she's a log cabin Republican and she and Radnich like to bash the poor to feel better about themselves.
Even Radnich knows he can say lies like he has a relationship with the coach - Yeah? when she ever been over for dinner?- and doesn't care that Kate Scott is steaming listening someplace.
The more desperate he gets....the bigger the lie. Diane Tuazon? Ohhhhhh,she's a com-plainer (use yer Radnich voice)..Really? Whats Brittney?

Today? Radnich watched his first woman's game of the year...made it sound like he's Mr.Woman's Basketball. Phony.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sprights,Barbosa,The Dash Brothers.

Those two guys have been HUGE as..uh,dash brothers?...flashing down court Barbosa- you KNOW he wont be caught. He runs like kids you played with on the playground..the kind you NEVER thought would get to the NBA..ungainly is the word I guess...but blazing fast.
Mo? He's on a Jeremy Lin streak Mosanity.  The world needs mo sanity.

I salute the two..uh,dash brothers.

Curry- tired,slow,sloppy. 3 games in 4 days too much.

When he's tired? It shows. Badly. He's sloppy with the ball,slow to react to loose balls and makes some really bad passes.
He looked tired vs San Antone. To see it again two days later means he might be feeling a heck of a lot more fatigue then anybody thought. Well,except me. I see what other don't and sooner.

Last year about this time..he was good. This year he's got more pressure to repeat..and be even better as he hears' 3 point streaks,home winning streaks,NBA season record streaks..he's on more streaks then Will Farrell.
The cure is to win.

Kerr really has to get on the team about turnovers. Stepping out of bounds? Fouling a three point attempt? As coach,I would end that.

I call BillyBeane being tired of GM. I called how to stop Curry. Its why you read me. Well,and Raddy news..

No sooner then I posted my Warrior manifesto- then Orlando,and now San Antonio put those ideas in play.
Double team Curry,be in his face,foul out a guard if that's what it takes.

Some teams just totally ignore that advice- and the Warriors destroy them.  I said "If I was coaching against the Warriors,I'm all over Curry...let Barnes fire away". He couldn't hit the broadside of a barne.

The Warriors ARE STEPH CURRY. I'm frightened like a little goil to think what this team is without him. The Warriors second team? Ugh. No. Your game plan is Curry, Si?

Cool weather returns..How do Friscans take this all summer?

San Francisco is a great city. How do people live there? I mean when June is a cold foggy day for the umteenth day in a row?
San Francisco is soooooo close to being a nice summer climate. Add maybe 6-10f degrees a day and its San Diego. But,when that chill fog and breeze is whipping,that's Prozac weather.

I guess San Francisco cannot be perfect. Close.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The drop off in maturity from Viki to a free fall...

J.R. Stone has enough problems making his way in the business. But pairing him with Viki sort of spotlights his life inexperience.
I'm being nice so appreciate that Stone man.

What local Weatherman is the best arm wrassler?

Drew Tuma vs Bill Martin.  Bill looks like he could be coiled steel.  Drew not so much,maybe coiled noodles. Advantage Bill.

 Rosemary vs Ro. Ro has some guns. Advantage Ro. Plus,Rosemary being a mom is used to throwing games..after years of losing Chutes and ladders to her kids on purpose. She wants you to be happy.

 Deano (everybody loves somebody sometiiiiimes) vs Paulsen. Oof.  Paulsen is stocky...Deano seems like one of those "active lifestyle" types...close edge Deano. Hmm,Deano vs Martin? Made good comic movies with Jerry.

 Spencer Christian takes on Britteny. IF she wears low cut? He might be distracted. Advantage Britteny. Plus Spencer is old as dirt. Besides,Spencer likes his vino...
  Argen vs Glass. Two cool weather blonds go at each other. Glass has upper body mass advantage-wink,wink,Argen looks lean and mean. Julie,I think has the will to win. Advantage Glass.

Kari Hall vs Annie Hong. Kari might be soft fudge,Annie last I looked at her FB is a health a holic.
I say a draw. Both get tired and go have a Margarita with umbrella's in them.....

Bogut has gotten a little obnoxious hasn't he?

He must be sensitive. Because he's not the guy who came here welcomed like a conquering hero.  I mean,when you get a little short with Jim Barnett- who like the beloved professor has nobody say a bad word about him- you might be a bit angry. Barnett tried to make a joke about the three pointer- and Bogut wasn't playing along.
He also was uppity with Brody Brazil when Brazzy asked Bogut about his Tweet about international players in the NBA. "I said what I said,I don't want to talk about it anymore"..Brazil after that told him "Well,it was YOUR Tweet".  Still,that was the end of that.

Wow,life must be hard for young 7 foot Multimillionaires who  play basketball on a championship team for a living. You would be angry too.

Warriors worst protected Champion in NBA history.

Curry? worst protected Superstar in NBA history. NBA refs are pathetic at what they allow. They even called off a Dramon Green basket AFTER the replay. ABC wondered why?
I say its the Oakland attachment. West coast is bad enough to the east coast heavy propaganda.When you add Oakland into the mix ? calls are problematic. Phantom calls,no calls- those are the worst- rank tops as the NBA champs get no respect Rodney.
Where do I file a complaint?

In other Gary Radnich news...

I think that Radnich tried to push that Diane Tuazon was a complainer along with sometimes shill 416 Media.  Now? with Brittney Shipp having no reputation to excuse Radnich behavior,KRON has now pushed his Sports Segment at 11pm to 11:15..and done by 11:19.  THAT is so as not to make Britteney continue to be ignored as had been the way from the day she started by Radnich. Ignored if she or he wanted it or both...ignored is ignored.
So,she can now smile and chit chat with Pamela to the very end of the news.

p.s. I do watch the other channels. No problems between D.O.D. and the weatherman,or Ro. Nothing feudal between Larry and Spencer. Frank and Bill or Rosemary? No avoiding each other. They talk.

Right now..only Laura Garcia seems to stand out as spoiled among anchors. "I can afford lawyers,he can't"....jeezuz, AND she's banging some guy.

Bentley makes crap much more for much less. A car for dummies.

Not only are they built to break down,I hear they charge $4,000 for a simple new brake job. What kind of idiotic ego would spend money on them? I have PROOF!:

Giant ball pit of death...

Wouldn't it be funny if some evil villain had built not a deep pit..nooooo,but a bottomless pit of bouncy balls-like at a kids party- and he threw his victims into it. I don't know- screaming like in a horror movie as they sink in bright blue, red, and and green balls....
That would be funny.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Warriors literally can't win em all. Especially back to backs on the bad guys turf.

If Curry had a good game and we lost? Ooof. But he stunk,Klay stunk 5 x as rotten dead possum in water, bad..
Eh,I'm not broken up like I thought I might be. Wait until the playoffs.

Anybody notice Aldredge played way over his talent level? AND Tony Parker is a bit chubby?..older+chubby..means he's fair game in the playoffs.

Yeah that warrior at San Antone losing streak is beyond reason. Its why S.A. goes to church I guess. Works!

"You know Bogut is in A LOT of PAIN if he misses this game"..sarcasm from Van Gundy?

Is that Van Gundy on ABC?...I had to wonder if Mark Jackson smiled off camera (because it was sarcasm) or got very quite because he was steamed that Van Gundy was giving Bogut credit or sympathy?

Because it sounded awkward with the following 2 seconds of silence.

Bogut's big toe had an owee.

Why is Laura Garcia trying to break her husband?

Whats the point to the father of her three children? How will it help them to have a dad with a felony? Go to jail?
He's out of the house,go on with your life.  Some woman love to be mean because they can...cut your nuts off gives them a thrill.
Somebody has to say it.

San Antone playing the Stan Currys face. First half blues.

I wondered when teams would wake up. Game after game Curry would get shots.
Oh well,just the first half- Warriors HAVE to shoot better second half, 0-8 in 3's by Curry and Klay is lowest percentage possible. Only up to go!

And,The Warriors are avoiding the paint way too much. They push? push back!

Comcast STILL NO pre and postgame for Warriors??

EVEN if they are not on  Comcast..this WARRIOR team's greatness deserves all the local coverage they get- and should be getting. Warriors-Spurs? Epic on paper.
I dont know how old Ted Griggs is,but he aint going to be alive the next time this team is as great its been the last two years.

See? THIS is what makes me a media genius. I SEE the will and wants of the people. I SEE the Warriors deserve a pre and post game show just as much as the loser 49ers get in winter. Griggs is conventional. He's going to show us poker.

A Warrior team smashing all time team records,all time NBA RECORDS.  And Grigg's is blind.

Britteney showing chestal areas...


I'm glad she put away the dresses that almost reach the chin. Man,that gray dress she used to wear looked like a gray burlap she was being kidnapped and hauled away...

ALL ACCESS says Feb sweeps same as Jan...KCBS numero uno...knbr no.4.

They didn't even mention 95.7.  Jason Barret also has not repeated his detailed December arbitron ratings article. Unless its for Dallas.

Barret did do a Kate Scott interview....Scott doesn't even put her time on the Gary Radnich show on her resume. Never mentions the guy.

I watched Pamela Moore take another bashing from Radnich- yet again. I figure she must feel sorry for his wife and kids that he's such an ass...and so takes it so the boob can keep his job. That's my best case and most positive thinking I can do on Moore's behalf.

Also in the ratings of teen- 34? Mexican stations have highest ratings they get. KRON is like Trump- watch and make me money,but I wont hire you. Something like that.

Spurs go down today.

The Warriors are pumped for the game. Just worry that old San Antone doesn't play dirty with Curry. Watch for that.
Go figure a little city like San Antone would have such a long lasting great team. I think even Bill Walton's coaching kid would have won titles with them. Popovich....pishah..

Friday, March 18, 2016

Somebody tell Harrison Barnes, its basketball man,not modern dance.

Why cant he just lay it up? Why does he have to bounce and twirl for a rebound? Whats the wide leg dribbling all about?
He even goes for  rebound like some Shark in Westside Story.  Is he hearing music?  He lays the ball up like he's in Jesus Christ Superstar.

He's putting WAY TOO MUCH thought into what doesn't take any thinkun.

Cals best Iike I said YESTERDAY....Greg Papa degeneracy continues.

Being a visionary and psychic is something I must Gary Radnich riding Greg Papa .

Papa was being especially disgusting today. I have to raise my game I figger. And the above sentence is it.

Cal? Yeah,flat as a rainbow. Hawaii had no troubles with a team minus a lead point guard,an assistant coach,and probably a head coach who's career went from tremendous potential to "Will he ever get another chance?"

Greg Papa? A smarter, creepier, Gary Radnich. ugh- Papa did himself no favors becoming a talk show host. He's pretty much burned up any respect with anybody who's heard his show. He's Sid Rosenberg local version. Jokes about child molesting? Even Lund was disgusted.

Elvis and Beatles getting forgotten...

Despite what the Elvis trust will admit too,even in Vegas, Elvis imitators are fading away. Those that still exist say the tip money is way down.
The Beatles? Last made an album in 1970.  We are now in the Zager and Evan's like " Year,2016,if man is still alive.."  So,how can you blame teens who never heard of them?
I tell you- when I was 12,I use to wonder about the far future. If songs I like now (1970)? Would I ever hear them again in the future?
Turns out time had twists for me. Digital has preserved even the most obscure songs forever and can be heard anytime I want. But,I never would have thought I would still be here when Elvis and the Beatles were near forgotten. Let alone Rap music would kill Rock and Roll. Twisty.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Eh,good riddance to Van Akens. I miss Britteney....

He's pure stooge and shill. No talent but to make cartoon clouds for Hoda and Cathy Lee.

If Radnich likes you? There's a story to you that's got some ass smell all over it. Brownoser...

Good luck Brian!.

Hey,the funny part is- when Radnich said you could hardly wait to leave..He didn't get its mostly in the long run,because of him!

Ask Matt if he's still touching Meredith?...oops,I mean if he's still in touch with Meredith. wink wink.

Raiders getting hyped high and deep.

Its like a runaway train..the hyperbole is waist deep. I myself am not feeling that moved. Are they better? should be.  Carr will improve- hope so- but that's not guaranteed. Choking in the clutch too often is a bad sign. He looked tired near the end of the season.
Who's running? Who going to catch?.
This could be the best Raider team in years...but those teams were horrible. Nah,we have to wait until the regular season is about half see if this a team made for years.

Gary Radnich does very uncomfortable goodby to Akens.

Uncomfortable and awkward. I tell you..every day,he loses more brain cells live on TV,more uncontrollable insults..his own world of tv ethics.
And wrong as always.

Cal's best team in decades goes down in flames...

One coach who thought with his Mike Weiner,and just a pure Karma break to a hand.

I was just starting to buy into the Cal hoopla of  THIS was going to be a special year..something was happening was building in the air.. now all this.
Why Cal? You would think a liberal School would be the last...and you always have people who take advantage of that.
Jason Kidd years still unmatched.

Jeff Peirce of KRON and Rod Serlings voice...seperated,blah,blah,...

I felt like I entered the KRON Zone when he narrated the beach sand story.

21 year olds life being ruined by the vile North Korea.

You had to feel sorry for what is just a big kid being tortured and drugged by North Korea for taking a propaganda flag as a souvenir.
The North Koreans are so cluelessly evil,they even paraded the poor kid in tears and -later- he was obviously drugged. At least the Chinese,Iranians,and even ISIS don't show a unhappy prisoner.
We have military drone power. Time to use it.

Gary and Larry on the road...

Ah,I just turned that off. If they are at a sportsbar..that means nothing but Giddy Gary and nothing ripping. He's on his best.
Dull man.

You notice you always feel better the morning of a Warrior game?

Every time I know a game is going to be sort of makes the day worthwhile. No matter how boring the day might be...later I get to see the Warriors win...big or excitingly at the buzzer.
Like a lift.
Thanks Warriors.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Seems like the Warrior game lasted 15 minutes...+ Larry Baer relative gets drunk?

wow- Just blew by and was over like that. They made NY look like a D league team.

Hey- I watched the replay and the guy who was already a little unsteady walking, looked like a young Larry Baer  when he then bumped into the ref on the sidelines and spilled beer. Imagine getting court side seats..and getting drunk? How spoiled is that?
Plus he delayed the game as it had to be cleaned up.

6:45 KRON news tiff spills over to 8:45 between Moore and Radnich.

They were already not putting out any positive vibes when Radnich doing the sports was doing his usual "Brad Dugan is a saint"..then stopped and got on Pamela for not paying attention! she should be hanging on to everything he say during sports? an ego. He treats her like a maid,live on air. Belittles her attention,at Radnich insanely bloated ego beating up on somebody who he does the Bi-polar like "She's a saint bigger then any other saint" minute,then next he's doing the "She's a phony folks,just pretending on air to be my friend".  Thats whats called a  borderline personality disorder. Radnich shows that all the time.

Its been building since the Diane Tuazon time. Brittney Shipp who replaced her must have really set him off by doing what Diane was doing..wanting no part of not just vaudeville...but conservative politics fox news type vaudeville that he favors.
But,let me the day he's gotten more hostile,more angry. He wants total respect from people he zings live on air? He doesn't get it. But I always said Radnich plays it both ways,and he wants it both ways.
Jeez,he ripped Pamela for rooting for Michigan. What a friend he is.

Gary Radnich steps all over Pamela,while He's out of breath and sweating..she takes it with a smile.

How late does Gary Radnich get to the studio? He must have ran in- again-and did the sports huffing and puffing holding the clip on mic. No time to hook it up see?
He blasted her for defending Obama all the time. What did she say ? "I do not". Wow,great comeback from a rooster pecked woman.
But! Gary Radnich did suck Brad Duggan. Or blow,however you like to put it,his fellow arch old conservative.

Didn't he just say he voted for Obama twice?..Must have did it with a gun to his head.

Jim Harbaugh as I once said,is an arteest!.

That story he took a role in a Michigan Musical?. Isn't that what I always posted on Cohn Zone back then? He's outside the box...he's like an artistic genius,not constrained by mores and prejudices.

He's friendly when he should be angry,He's angry when others are deliriously happy. Don't matter to him.

Mark Purdy talks down to Guy Haberman.

At least I give him points for being unlikable and not caring if he was. Purdy just casually told Haberman he was a bore. "Its ok though,it's spring training and speculating about the second string catcher is part of that"..only he meant talking about the second string catcher was an idiotic waste of time when you have the starters making waves today.
You had to see it to know I'm not reading into it.
Well,it was different then the usual love fest between the old regulars not named Lowell Cohn.

They are REALLY,editing Lowell's time to talk and keep him from wandering to what he might have pent up.

More on my ideas of Manservant's KRON career.

"Look,you make me look good with my komedy sketches Brian,and I will use my pull to get you the steady weatherman here. I've been here 30 years you know".
Thus it never was to be. Poor gullible Brian.

I warn people at KRON all the time. They think that because he's got the Stockholm affect working on poor lonely Cathy and something's missing Pamela,Radnich will help them. Interns must swallow shit for him thinking its going to get them someplace.

I detect Joe Hues on KNBR is knowing what the now happy Kate Scott felt when she was unhappy Kate 9-12. I heard Kate today with Murphy and Macky...she was like a woman with weight off her shoulders. Radnich? He knows it and takes potshots of her and her tweets. The big heart guy-lol.
Sure,he will be on KRON until he can't do it my blog needs his dumbness...but Radnich? I got him down pat.

Jerry Brown gets into the Trump Wall...

He made the usual joke of we need a wall from Trump-something like that.

 Its what he said after that,is what everybody should scream into the ears of KSFO hosts. "Its those young people coming into this country who are paying for the pensions of old white men".

  I would have left out the white part and said Old conservatives black Mike Steele,or brown Rubio-Cruz.

This is like part two of my Muslims in Michigan post.

Kruger now embelishing Randich car's worth LOL.

Larry is funny...he's like the guy who wants to prove loyalty a little too hard-ha.  He said today that Radnich drives a "$250,000" car.  Sure,a used 5,6, year old Bentley that's being leased?  I do believe that there are some truly wealthy Chinese businessman  who ARE driving near that price Bentley's,out the show room floor paid in cash. I've seen that.

 Radnich is like the Hummer and expensive Euro car people living in hum drum apartments- to -give -the- impression- of- status, they max out on leased cars.

Besides,when Radnich claims he's "A multimillionaire". LOL,Most of that is the value of having a home in SF.   So,he's one of about half million multi millionaires in the city...who shop at Costco- right Gare?

JR Stone only spotted on Sunday.

I think he's being phased out. His Miss Universe was like a death wish interview- drunk and insulting.
Radnich took a liking to him.

Rob Carpenter is too young to realize he better stay clear of the Sports Director who lives like a cannibal.

413 media got who Radnich supports wrong,now he's privy to GR's salary demands?

I wish he would admit..he likes to make things up. I know it would be too hard for him to admit he writes his own compliments as anonymous- the one the other day that sounded like a black guy praising Rich Lieberman? Over the top phony. Radnich has been taking salary cuts at every contract think he wants double because he has tweet followers is laughable. A talking parrot gets more views on youtube. Social Media ain't that hard.
As I said before- where is Radnich going to go? Not to 2,or KPIX,not even KGO. There is no demand for him...and KRON deep down wishes he would play hardball so they can cut the cord and get back to the news business. The please Gary business causes on air turnovers.

Speaking of Radnich- he did the "NO children people are selfish" claim two grouchy Friday's ago?
So,Cathy and Pamela are selfish? I think other than Lodes,there were no KRON on air that day who have kids. Selfish bastards.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rosemary and Heather do the dynamic duo of ravishing...

Holy Smokes..Rosemary was in a plunging red dress that Heather as always looked good,and with the duo side by side on screen it was like an overdose of hot anchor woman.
Tonight WAS special- I kid you not.

Kozimor pulls rug from under Monty Poole...

The topic was hazing..Monty and Ray Ratto were doing their thing..fine. But as it neared the end (so to speak) Monty sort of laughed at how bad hazing is saying "Using a pool stick to insert is going too far"..Kozimor,got a grim look hearing that and then said "This is a serious topic". He then solemnly looked into the camera and said the show was now over...leaving Monty sitting there with egg all over his face. He had to feel embarrassed made to look like the insensitive rube,boob.
Ray,as always, stayed out of that mess.

I wonder if Monty punched Koze  later? must have felt like he wanted to.

"Madison" boy,did his mom pick the wrong name or what?

I bet he's the first to tell you "Melvin" would have been better then the society girl Madison. Society girls named Madison don't do snot rockets.
Then,when you consider his last name is Bumgarner? Then his name should have been "Hoss" or "Gonfishin".
 John Wayne's real first name was "Marion". THAT wasn't going to fly for a he- man.

John Lund laughs hysterically at "Put a stuffed sausage in your porthole"..funniest thing he ever heard.

Papa was the comic genius to think of it...and Lund his willing audience .

Lund is tight with Jim Kozimor.

Robin Winston and her tight yellow and black dress.

Ohboy. It was chilly in the studio. If you know what I mean,and I know you do. She also is near Michelle Apon league in having a wasp waist.

Then later Kris Sanchez on ch3 was giving me naughty feelings with a low v .....

You know,Robin and Brittney must just tear a place apart if they do the bar fly thing.

Manservant Van Akins leaving KRON.

He hooked up his wagon to Radnich,and it got him nowhere here.  The Raddy touch is now kiss of death for KRONables.
Van Akins was already doing graphics for the Today show from here. So,now he has to move cross country to do the same thing.

No need to thank me Brian. I saved your sanity.

btw- Now,I see, zip-interaction between Shipp and Radnich. The last time Lodes called her out? Radnich gave her the "why are you here?" look. And that was the last time I saw even a elbow of her with the sports director who never goes to sports games.

Wow- I mention UCLA and Wilkes- 95.7 gets him on at

Somebody reads me...obviously.  And steals my ideas.

How do I do it?

Curry would be loved by John Wooden,young Warrior fans cant comprehend his greatness.

One thing I always admire about Curry's technique is- he has a high arc on his shot. Nobody else in the NBA puts up such a purty rainbow.  It reminds me of Keith Wilkes and many UCLA products.

John Wooden taught that..he demanded it and players also did drills of using the backboard. In games- it was devastating as Walton sucked in a ton of offensive rebounds.

When I saw last night,Curry calmly sink another near 40 footer? That was no fluke,its something no player in the history of the NBA could do. I would do it on the playground-but enough about me.
Curry does it with a percentage not human.

Do you all remember Monta Ellis? Do you all remember the media-Tim,Monty,Bob,et al, saying that Curry wasn't a good point guard or as good a shooter as Monta? I do,because I never agreed with that.

Bogut freed Warrior fans from decades of hurt. Because of him,we got rid of Ellis.

Bogut says International players face bigotry.

Not a quote- but the gist what he said when he talked about 4 out of the five voted dirtiest players being foreigners.
He added that those players are labeled not as talented as American players so play dirty to compete.
Probably true..tall foreign Caucasian players are considered lumbering,and might play what is considered dirty while the majority of the NBA players who dive for the ball are hustling and admired.

I was kind of surprised The King's Cousins wasn't listed..he likes to push and throw elbows.

Kristin Sze falls into "damned if they do,damned if they dont,Obama girls" media ranting.

I do remember the white house girls being ripped for being humble dressers. Now,they are ripped for wearing loaner clothing at a state dinner.
I think Obama has earned the prestige by now. I bet his daughters do more in the future for people,for America, then any Bush family daughters who use the name to promote themselves- like the Bush sons,nephews,etc,etc,etc,do.

Gary Radnich says personal Tweet to him by Curry family "A joke".

Oh,is that why Grant Lodes lied? Pam laughed and went along like its true? It was unethical. If I hadn't caught it...he never would have admitted- at 11:20 pm,it was a skit.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Minnesota Curry can run the tables....

He plays with loaded dice.

He beats IBM's Supercomputer at chess.

Never misses a fish in a barrel.

He's bacon in a roomful of dogs. Eh,something like that.

EDIT: He's a dog in a roomful of bacon. That sounds better...

KRON doesnt mention tweet at 8:45 mysteriously...

That Tweet they were bragging about the Curry's to Gary Radnich that they claimed at 6:45?...didn't get a mention later.
Damn,I'm GOOD!

The Sarah Palin school of voice training like Trump University..

Both just crappy ideas. One is even real.

KRON makes up Curry Wife tweet to Gary...

hashtag "Why didn't Gary mention your birthday?"...only the screenshot that was supposed to say this - was invisible. Oh,Currys wife wishing her hubby a birthday,but no sight of her mentioning  Radnich.
If KRON is going to claim that...then show it.

All I saw was a tweet that told Currys wife she needs a street nigga. THAT, KRON posted on air.

Whats Tim Lincecum up to?

Sitting around watching the movie "Clerks" and Jay and Silent Bob? You get me?

Lincecum is one of a kind..he ruined a true HOF pace without a scandal..just much of something ain't right with that boy.
Wiki's article on him gets crazy when it said that Lincecum felt too heavy and lost 30 pounds of fat by avoiding In n Out Burgers in 2011. I can't make that up.  He NEEDED to lose 30 pounds like Steph Curry needs to lose 30 pounds. Only,Curry doesn't have the emotional baggage to drive him to do that in a few months time.

The Giants have been pushing the "shush" factor on the local media hard. You don't see Tim Kawakami doing any exposes. You don't hear Damon Bruce point the wildly P.R. excuses out for Lincecums demise so soon.
Nobody wants to say anything. I - a body- do.

He twice lost huge amounts of weight..and with it went muscle and stamina. Its a wonder the Giants didn't just send him to rehab a couple of years. I think it was 2012 he pitched like a living skeleton. Larry Baer every day must wonder how close the Giants came to have a MLB star player drop dead in a game from heatstroke. That kid turned WHITE.

His weight loss- his disrespect to meet the President "Eh,I did it already dad".. Shows where his head mechanics- not pitching- have been way off for years now.

No,he never hurt anybody..but he hasn't been honest either.

Darryl Hunt was a very strong man...

Convicted of a murder he didn't commit,spent 19 years behind prison. Was exonerated in 2004.
Died yesterday in his car. He had been diagnosed with cancer.

Man,when you survive all hold up to cancer and still be able to be independent to the last second of life...That's a fighter.

I don't want to die in some noisy hospital..die while full of tumors and there I am ...mowing my lawn. Then collapse. Thinking,the lawn needs edging...

Nothing more important in this world then to be a pretty girl.

Watching some daytime shows reminds me of that old saying. It must be true. All the glamour on tv is pretty girls and the most telling is how much the ones who are pretty- want to be beautiful.  They would give anything to be beautiful and probably break into tears if you say to them that "You're pretty". That's like an insult ..well,for the ones I have in mind.
Anyways,nothing we don't all know. Daytime TV is just a reminder.

Damn rain is over...

YOU need it to rain a whole week. I didn't.

  Shasta almost filled. Amazing when you think about it that we can make rain that falls for a few weeks Dec- March,not only last a whole year- but water 40 million Californians give or take. Along with industry and ag.

Its not even heavy rains like back east. No,24 " in 24 hours stuff. 3.5" in a week is heavy rains for the bay area. I can testify to that. 3.5 felt like 35".

As a Californian I want it all...water,green hills,sunny warm days,...and don't bother me with cloudy days and wet.

Warm? what is that?Jeez,in Feb I forgot what cold was like. Weather.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back Story on KRON...Diane Tuazon welcomed Stanley Roberts back. Guess who went home instead?

They must really deep down hate Radnich at KRON,to repeat this episode. Since they had the regulars all happy to see Stanley back from his stroke. Radnich couldn't even use a few minutes of his time to be there after a newscast.

You know? I can see Radnich shuffling as fast as he can the minute his sports segment was up to get out of KRON's building. "Gary you want to stay and welcome Stan back?"  "Get the hell out of my way",as he hugs his paper briefcase under his arms on the way to the elevator. "I don't give a damn" he mutters.
To go on... "I've been here 30 years,you want me to spend a minute more?"..." "ALL of you,I've been here 30 years- you hear me ? 30 years."
Then he probably drops what he thinks is his out "Without  me,you wouldn't have jobs!"  Lord Gary.

"Welcome back Stanley? what did he ever do for me?"  As Radnich peeved that he's been slowed to get to his beloved car.
Yeah,that sounds accurate.

History Lesson: Henry Ford created the first wave of Muslims to this country...

Ford,rabidly anti union imported Muslims to break the union. Hence,Dearborn is sort of the American Mecca to this day.

Funny how importing people has been the American way of business..and yet the conservative businessmen always tries to sell hate for foreign workers in politics.

Like its been said- Who's going to build the Trump wall with no Mexicans?....

A tip for Dancing with the Stars..pair Ginger Zee and Warriors trainer Chelsea Lane..

I would watch that. Strong,muscular Russian looking Lane and the ABC Weatherwoman.

Has ABC ever had two woman?

You see Chelsea right behind the Warrior bench- not a ounce of fat on her,strong shoulders,a models face with high cheekbones and a pointy nose.
It would be fun.

Where would Pro Sports be without African American's innovations?

The whole Goose Gossage thing I thought would bring up about African American players by sports hosts.
I mean,I remember when nobody spiked a football, nobody dunked a basketball,nobody ever pointed at the sky. Nobody did a backflip- and that's Goose's era-...I even think Hendu was the one to start the Bash Brothers forearm smack.
African Americans came up with the fist pump. They brought back from the Roman days,the chest fist pump and then added the jumping chest bump.

 Nobody in basketball grimaced before unless they tore a tendon-lol. African Americans came up with that after a basket- with some saying LeBron James looking more King Kong not so much,King LeBron. That never slowed it down. That brief attempt to demonize it got run over.
 I see woman basketball players do that...and stomp around.
Dancing?..nobody danced. Its scary to even think of young Jerry West trying to dance a groove.

Bat flip? Nobody ever slid head first...

 So,what the hell is Goose talking about?

High Five!..more African American culture.  I almost forgot that one.

If I ran the World...and motorcycles..

Good friend walks into friends house " Your didn't hear a thing!,HA! man,I just got me a new electrobike,muffled and I sealed everyplace with tape- a Super Bad Aero mo-fo. I got the tightest bike in town- quiter then Richie G's.".

Yep,who makes the least noise is the baddest,hippest, cat around.

If I ran the world.

Viceland tv channel.

I like tv channel better than cable network,etc,etc,etc.

Anyways,Its new,I be watching it for now. Its a hipster channel that tried to make fun of hipsters. You know like when the fat guys in a rap group of 4 white guys and one black guy,go into a Washington DC trendy "Soulfood" eatery and they notice the one brother in the band is the only dark skinned person in the whole place.
Mostly people JR. Stone would hang out with or fetch fer an interview. Skinny hot chicks.  The food was good..and when the owner said they were in GQ...Well,not hard to figure its not going to be cheap to eat in.
Its why Weber outdoor grills still are for the rest of us. Using charcoal..non of that gas stuff.

I will report on other things later as this is barely a month old channel. One demerit?  Its a Canadian production. Yeah,it does have a Canadian look at the us,USA. Expect more greed and shallow ignorant people examples.
But,no self deprecating zingers will be in any episodes on Canada I bet.
Hey,the whole world points to us as worst country...but they all wish they were us,USA.

Time change is a vampire. It sucks.

I hate it. I hate the government for such a stupid idea. You all know the reasons why  it was created- rural America was most of America back then. Not now.  Now,I feel grouchy,cheated out of sunlight just when the days were getting longer.
I support the repeal.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I'm seeing many Currytators. 3 point line is too close for them...

They now now pull up 3,5, feet or more past the three point line. Who does that?

Curry must be driving NBA coaches out of their minds seeing their lesser versions just flush a possession down the tubes with prayer long three point shots.

The funniest ones? when they step back from the 3 point line for no reason other then to prove to themselves that they too can be Steph's. Instead, they are Riley Curry's as those shots miss by a mile.

Weather + Science+ Animals= funneee.

This is always good for yuks on a cold,dark, bay area day.

KCBS has no weatherperson?

I was driving in the rain..and KCBS was going on and on about noodles and crackers...nothing about the weather.
Whats going on with KCBS that- especially this winter- they put weather on the backburner?

They need Prof. Leon Hunsaker of the 21st century to report on our warming climate.

A REAL angry bird. 5 star laughs.

This is hilarious.

A little Aldo Nova to wake you up on Saturday...crank it up dude!

Its 80's so much it hurts. Dig them Nuclear boots. You don't part your hair down the middle? Nerd. Look at you- crying like some girl!...its just a fantaseeeeeeee....

Warriors still playing fast and too loose with the passing game.

When you win all the time..what you are not good at stands out like a sore thumb compared to otherwise domination of the NBA.
The Warriors passing of late has been..on Kerr. He's got to tighten up that part of their game. They throw a lot of prayers that Curry's three pointers erase from the short term memory. Still,throwing to nobody,prayer passes in the lane and the sudden bad telegraph- Western Union size- passing of Green has kept the other teams in games...for 3 quarters.

You know how HARD i work to find fault with a 58-6 team? Hard!

Why do cats always find the remote? sit on?

When I'm watching TV and suddenly on the screen ch.3333333333333...starts to come on? I know its the cat's fault.

They find it where ever it is. Like, they seek it. Whats so comfortable about a rectangle of plastic?

 I fail to see the attraction.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Whats the deal with Bogut? Hurt? Asthma?

He cant make it through the first quarter?

I guess the media will not push for an answer- they wont even question.

He's one fragile NBA player.

Who was the slut at the Warrior game? ....

Not tonight- the other night-Wednesday?  She has jet black hair and was just hanging on the guy who looked like her father sitting with her on the Warrior bench at courtside.

She might as well have had a sign that said "I'm with rich daddy".

I meant to post this before....

KRON still in the 50's. Shows senseless killing of a magnificent Great White Shark by a boob.

Those size sharks can be 50 years old or more,are needed for reproduction as the females get much larger than the males to procreate for decades a shark every few years...and then KRON showed some idiot proud that he had killed the last passenger pigeon "I'm somebody!"

Didn't anybody at KRON go to college? Did even one take natural sciences? Or was it all booze and party like J.R. Stone's type reporting?
How can a San Francisco station be so hick like?

Donald Trump is a uniter...of a fist to a jaw.

Its really third world that he would be one party's candidate for president. Wealthy big mouth,who lied and cheated to increase the huge amount of wealthy he was born with. That's what the conservatives would laugh at about those "peon countrys". Not civilized like us.

Alan Wang story doesnt make sense on 423 media.

How do you dock somebody a years pay for being sick? It sounds more like..he did something on the side unknown to KGO,they in turn didn't like being lied to. My short version.
Rich has been getting thing backwards lately.

Ha!,funny. Tree falls on sportscar that has "No fat chicks allowed" decal on it.

Not only did I almost call it- see my weather post- but the black Honda on all the news channels got bit by Karma I'm sure many would say.
A fat tree fell on it.

Gary Radnich says "I voted for Obama and Bill Clinton"

He's..a wonder. I heard him say many times- MANY, he's a republican,he's always bashed Pelosi and Demo's..he use do to ask African American athletes "Blacks vote for Obama just because he's black,huh?".
Now,today,he says he voted for Obama twice?

Maybe he got so tired of being bashed for being a repub in SF..he figures the hell with it ,just say I voted like the rest of the bay area? Get them all off my back.

I was shocked.

Mark Ibanez like his clothes tight-lol.

Like I told you months ago...when men get over 40 and don't have a gut? They have to show that off with tight pants,tight T shirts...everything that's not in fashion doesn't matter. Its "Look 25 year old,I still have it".
Sure you do.

Gary Radnich plays innocent. "Why do people think I drink?" whaaa..

Maybe because you shouldn't take your Vicodin before you go on air. Then,your eyes wouldn't be fixed and glassy,and you wont slur.
He's already said a few times,he needs them for his back.
He's amazingly never been told by Pamela  "People can tell?"

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gary Radnich was ready to blast 18 year old Female champ golfer Lydia Ko as 'A nobody"..when they cut him off.

I think they are monitoring what he says- because he was winding up to say that the 18 year old 10 time champ was a nobody...then Lodes cut him off,and I think somebody whispered in his ear.
The fact the woman is Korean was what probably made Radnich think it was a good idea to put her down.

Stan on in the news..

North Korea claims it built a mini Atomic Warhead. LOL. North Korea's weapons are like the tanks and army that are built to fight Godzilla in old Japanese movies. Just models.

Chumley of Pawnshops a low life? Whoaaa!. Who have guessed that? They seem so honest and all american.

Oprah losing weight - again? Must have had band surgery done on her stomach. AGAIN. You believe her when she say she loses huge weight with will power? I dont. Why need that when you can afford the best diet surgeons?

The Denver Broncos must not read much. They are going to get a Qb that teammates point out wont do the homework to even learn the plays. Kap,got the money,the fame, and it went to his head and built a nest. The bird brain only - like Eddie Murphy's girl- wants to party ALL the time.

Old Hip Hoppers like old Rock Stars..

50 cent and Snoop Dog havent had a hit in what, ten and twenty years? But TMZ follows them like they are Steven Tyler and Bob Dylan.
Nothing ever changes.

411media Says Radnich is for Trump? He must have changed support,because...

Two Friday's ago Radnich said on KRON he's a Ted Cruz guy.

Why would Radnich support Trump who failed to disown the KKK?

Now,if Radnich has changed...what does it say about him? It say to African Americans he's another Maury Povich. No matter what he tells them to come on his show,Radnich isn't for them politically.

Texans have a phrase for Radnich's car. "Fancy Junk".

Lol,made me laugh to read that. It's a few years,its just another used car that's too expensive to owners let them sit in the garage. Their value a fraction of what the final payments total shows.
I always get a kick out of old TV shows and "state of the art" kitchen,furniture..the stuff the rich would get filled with happiness showing off. Now,that stuff is either kitschy or at the dumps.

Hey,I like nice things, new things...and always know the day will come when the junk turns into "I don't want that!"
Somebody was once thrilled to own a Opel Mantra- brand new and paid thousands.

Did you see that car show-come to think of of it- that restored Mercede's flagship 1992 Benz..the ones for the uber wealthy,corporate CEO?...and they couldn't sell it. Finally they took 5 grand and shotgun for it-LOL!

Radnich? He's so smart he's renting his- and paying for repairs out of pocket. They saw him coming...

Vicki Nguyen pregnant.

She's not a load of laughs. Sort of a Zoolander serious stare. But,she CAN get down and dirty!..with somebody.

I like Weather.Give me more.

Weather is what is on the mind of thinking people. I dig it. Plus,we don't have great tragedy's with our weather..just fun stuff. Tree's fall on the classic Corvette.  Sherry's hair salon fills with water and a catfish swims by.
Tornado's are fun..just big enough to remove an old barns roof. It needed a new one anyway's.

I can't wait until summer to complain about the record heat affecting my corn dog eating at the Pleasanton Fair.

The record for most expensive art piece created by a woman.

When  was a kid I wanted to be an artist...and entomologist,paleontologist, Astronomer. Dreams die hard..
But anyways,I'm watching PBS about Georgia O Keefe, the Artist who lit up all the art magazines when I was a kid,Arizona Highways,National Geographic. She was familiar.

 Over a year ago her famous "Jimsonweed" painting sold for $44 million. Its priceless the Mona Lisa,the new owner has a painting everybody in the world knows of. I can only wonder what O'Keffe's cattle skull painting would sell for. Iconic is an understatement.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

TMZ screws up KTVU reporter missing being run over, story.

No kidding- they kept saying "Where's the cameraman?" then Harvey Levin said "See? Its good stations save money by having no cameramen" "Cutting camera men costs helped save that guy"...that last not an exact quote. Its close.

Of course if the great TMZ had watched the full 2 minute vid instead of 10 seconds,they would have known that their was a cameraman and he might have saved Alex Savidge's life by telling him to get out of the way. I'm sure Alex moved in the same direction as the camera guy too- not a lucky guess on his part.

Harvey Levin left being a lawyer for good reason. Imagine if he had been appointed a judge?..

Mr.Stan gets it right about hair...

Heather's feather free hair looks much more modern,todayish.  Alicia Radnich? You think her hairstyle change had nothing to do with yer favorite blog?,she changed - and for the better. The 90's 'do she had gives way to her new swept style. Knocks ten years and 10 pounds off of her.
Kari Hall..yeah,that's hair you want to run your finger through with a "hey baby" dropped here and there. Smooth.

Its a knack I have for style.

 I cant wait for the Gasia's and the Justine Lodes to drop the heavy thick hair parted right down the middle. A little eyebrow relief- not too much- would be a good idea too.

Dan Ashley misses Carolyn Johnson,Chery Jennings.

He's slightly like a fish out of water with Alma Daetz. Its strictly professional. Unlike the easy breezy pairing of Alma with Larry Beil.  Beil is the proverbial overachieving ugly guy,who did a Rudi with personality,humor,smarts.  Dan? Nice guy,mature behavior. Something not quite in jibe with today's newscasts.
With Carolyn or Sheryl,Dan was a solid no.1.  He struggles a bit with Alma,just like Ken Bastida with Veronica on 5. C'mon, Imagine Cheryl paired with Reggie Aqui. Same difference. Actually, come to think of it,Cheryl and Reggie might have worked..she was easy.

Larry and Alma are tight. What its like between them in the real world I have no idea. But when Larry jokes that "We should be on that beach" and Alma smiles approvingly?  Seems real.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Poor Erin..only going to get 6 mill after taxes? You nuts!

The tears from the media? How far from reality are they?  If Erin Andrews were Mexican, black,or Asian,she would get nothing but laughed at and given a "bad luck" send off. Because that's what happens to those woman who are not married to wealthy or famous.
Do you know how badly non celebrity woman are abused? tortured?...nobody gives a damn.

Yeah,it was bad for Erin to be stalked...he was caught and sent to prison. How the hotel is responsible I dont know. She's privileged and the world must do extra? I guess.

Hey- KRON stalked me. Where's the outrage? Maybe they filmed me through a window pissing in the bathroom.
I have sued people. And the double standard of what the victim looks like,income level,status is enormous. Lawyers cant say that enough.

Poor Erin. Only Six million dollars.

Larry Kruger reveals his favorite R.Kelley song.

True. He and Joe "Dont rock the boat" Hues" felt they had to come up with a song because Radnich loves what he calls a genius. I think Larry said his favorite was "I'm a bitch for a 70 year old nut because it paze ma bills".
He might as well....

You would think the way Larry is hard core against Radnich world of what hip hopper is married to who,that R.Kelley endorsements would be a big no.
I guess Kruger hasn't established himself enough to stand his ground.

I drive by every day where the KTVU reporter was almost squashed.

Every day. I tell you,I don't why the news is where I go. No doubt the woman in the Corolla made a right turn while looking at the camera man and reporter..then pulled out in front of the south bound's greenlight...wammo!..hits the gray car,bounces off that and just misses Alex Savage.

Alex no doubt was standing almost in front of the "Get lowest cost auto insurance" sign.  She's going to need it- yesterday. Won't help now.

I also of course drive by where the train de railed.  I'm a magnet for news and Gary Radnich's goon squad.

Wrong El Ray-O Ratto de Gordo...

His and the Tomster's opinion that Draymond Green is not selfish and not a POSSIBLE team cancer,is not backed with facts. Players who chew out the coaches...LaTrell,Monta, never made good teams better. Also,Draymond's 16T's over the whole season are more than a one game hissy fit.
His temper tantrums put the kabosh on Kerr's Laker game attitude. Kerr's failure to have nipped in the bud, "nip,nip,nip",as Barney Fife would say,the Warriors somnolent play can be traced back to Green,I say.
Kerr wasn't up to another blow up,and the Warriors lost a game they never should have lost and there is a reason.
I gave it to you.

NBA using STAN'S scouting report to fight the Warriors..

Its interesting that until I wrote my report- wasn't the word out that there is no way to play them?

C'mon you read this blog all the watched Orlando play hack a Bogut,and the new guy. It worked,got Orlando back in the game.

You see Orlando and the NBA now dogs Curry...the Lakers stopped him cold. Last night Curry was a superstar- but he fought for every shot.

Harrison Barnes? As I said.. DO NOT give him a huge contract. His shooting touch has been gone all year.

The Warriors are a great team..just pray every night Curry stays healthy. Imagine that.The Warriors had wanted Brandon Jennings instead of Curry back in the draft..and Milwaukee got him first. Thanks god for that.

Gary Radnich is no insider..just my stalker.

You would think after 30 years,he would be breaking story's left and right. He never does. He tells you the way I tell you..watching TV. Only,he does it much,much,worse-lol.
He insists KRON call him "Sports Director" and "best sportscaster in the bay area".

He's only best on hogging air time.

He's got killing three hours on KNBR down to a routine science. As far as insider? He has no interest in cultivating any.

He's bored of sports at 70 years old. He wants to stay home, sleep,and sit in the sauna all day.

So why doesn't he do it?

Instead of leading his goon squad to commit crimes of stalking. Family man likes his felony's...

Nancy Reagan's not true version..

She claims she met Ronnie baby on a blind date.  Funny,because Ronnie's first wife says she was having an adulterous affair with Mr family values. Nancy broke up the marriage.

Nancy Reagan managed to make her whole life a fantasy.

Ron? He famously blocked Alzheimer's research funding in the 80's. He thought it was a waste of money that could be used by Oliver North to arm terrorists no doubt.

Cold March...

Last year March had 23 days in the month 65f or warmer- up to 81f.  If the long range holds up (accuweather) only 10 days of 65f this year.
I miss that drought weather.
I think we have to endure yet another cold spring...then whamo! April or May day it hits 80f and pretty much stays there until December. In the eastbay. SF weather is an island unto it's own.

Still,global warming is doing its thing on the city by the bay,warmer summers by the year in the 21st century. One day,banana and Mangoes in the city's community gardens. You wait and see.

What did I tell you about Niles Canyon? The ruining....

Now? An even bigger excuse to cut more tree's down in the official designated "Scenic drive".

Niles used to be so beautiful Charlie Chaplin made it a second Hollywood. Salmon spawned upstream.

Then,Alameda County began improving it...a two way road right down the middle...cutting down hundreds of tree's no doubt. Mostly old monarchs thriving in the deep soil and constant water supply.

The Railroads...put in tracks...more hundreds of tree's destroyed.

Then,it became a free camping spot,..more native vegetation trampled into dirt paths.
Right about then,the water temperatures began to rise...Salmon began to disappear.

So- in the 1990's. It was when Niles began to be cleaned up,Fishing and camping were banned. Fine.

THEN,in the 21st century,Some idiot engineer for cal trans took it upon himself to give the ok to widen the public input,no environmental studies,he is a foreign born engineer no doubt used to the old country's way of do what you want engineering. Yes,I watched as Cal Trans began clear cutting Niles a few years ago-- again--more sun =hotter water.

To make that story short,that engineer and cal trans decided after public howling that maybe roads that had craters all over the state could use improvement- not paving over the "Scenic Drive".

It never ends..."Lets cut MORE tree's for a bike path! Niles looks more and more like thin stripes of tree's and a death trap for animals crossing the road to get to water.

NOW?  Tree's are bad for trains..CUT THEM DOWN.

I wish I could start a Save Niles Canyon drive. She truly needs one.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Will Draymond Green be the Warriors weakest link?

His attitude since last year has shown more "Its me,then the team" kind of attitude. His complaints to the refs are way over the line. Like the game should stop for him.
Great teams have role players. Draymond is shaky...not like he should be.

I will be keeping an eye on things.

Bogut? He's hurt..slow as molasses...everybody is getting a step on him. Oh well,he's paid back his dividends,I give him that. Just being the reason to get rid of Ellis was a big help.

Steroids,Sexual harassment convince Manning 18 is enough. MMA hypocrites...

He might have squeezed another year or two...but answering questions of what he did at 21 and 38 just weren't the aggravation the multi, multi, millionaire had no interest in even addressing.
He did the 'roids...he probably did something stupid at 21. Unlike Rothlesberg,Manning didn't have 10 more years to make it all fade away while still playing. Manning made it fade in one day by retiring.

I heard the same sportshosts who talk in hushed tones at NFL concussions,today say they relax watching those kickfighters beat the shit out of each other with plenty of spilled blood.
Again- its horrible that NFL college grads are getting future senility and something must be done.

Its drool at poor,low income and uneducated fighters give each other concussions by the minute.

You can hear the smug sports hosts say "My kids will never sink that low".  Really? lets wait and see what level he sinks to. Then you get understanding.

Howard Stern learned what happens when you bombard your daughters with sex talk,and Caitlen Jenner is learning what happens when you try to mix conservative family values with sex identity rights.

Am I right?

Britteny Shipp and Gary Radnich drift farther apart then ever...

Last two or three times I looked,KRON dropped having her stand by the news desk while Pamela and Uncle Gary chit chat the last few seconds of the newscast.
Never made sense to me unless Raddy was going to ask Britt a question or her opinion. And ,he never did. Didn't even say goodbye or goodnight..just literally grunted at her while not making eye contact- that weirdo!
All live.

Go on Gary Radnich show to display your lowest I.Q.

Hey, its all entertainment..nothing to learn. He got "Marcus Thompson the second,esq.De Rothchild,pardon me do you have any Gray Poupon?" to get down and dumb today.

You know, to African Americans,Gary Radnich is the Maury Povich of Sports.    I do believe.

KRON changing lighting...

I should have wrote a few months ago that KRON lighting was making Robin Winston look..literally black. I think I had that in mind when I mentioned her in my who at KRON can move on, topic.

 I notice that now,she looks lighter..skintone. I don't know what lights KRON had been using on the left before- it was like LED lights doing harsh things.

Sometimes I would look even more genius if I got all I have thinking out to the public.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weirdest animal to naturalize in California.

Those beasts you thought needed a hot tropical climate? Are wild now in California. Morro Bay?..crazy. Global Warming gone wild.

One more for the unpretentious Newsperson list.

Pam Cooke. I can't remember ALL the local whozgows when I do a list. So,some come to me later and I get the "OhYeah".  Pam Cooke is that. Serious news or levity news...she's natural. Attractive,mature. She covers all bases.
I would trust her.

Side note legal disclaimer: Everything is based on my observations,I have never met these people and never will. Don't blame me if it turns out Larry Beil- on this list of humble personages- has body's buried under his house...and he tries to lure you. dot dot dot.

Dodge Durango pt3.

I called that to the dotted T. Makes even me wonder if I'm part psychic.  Like with Snyderman and Beane and even way before like in 2010 I was saying the Giants are due a hot streak to win the pennant. Damned if they didn't start that streak the same day,and caught San Diego.

It was long before my blog,but I think regular readers are not doubting me.

Lotto? Sometimes I do feel like today's a day to win...then gosh darn it I do.  2$ or a free ticket. There must be some Universal law that wont let psychics win the big lotto jackpot. Because,as you may notice,they never do.

Warriors can't win if they don't try.

Once again- The Warriors ARE STEPH CURRY. if he has a lousy game?...Klay as we all have seen over the last 3 years,cannot fill in at will.  Bogut? Once again hurt himself with a pea under the mattress that made him sleep wrong.
No way the Leandro's the Barnes- who hasn't played well all season-or Draymond who saw what was going on and played reckless figuring he can't be blamed.
Too bad - because it undoes the great OKC,Warrior game in the standings.

You might blame Draymond in one way- Kerr was not going to chew the team out and it showed. Domino effect. Kerr held his temper,his T.O.'s and just watched the Lakers pretend they were Kings of the World.

The well behaved Rush Limbaugh.

Have you noticed its been a couple of years,at least, since he said anything that made national news?
What happens is..when the shock jocks try to be provocative for provocative sake...not really believing 100% of what they say,then taking the firestorm even wears them down eventually. Stern?..might as well have stayed on AM radio. I'm sure hearing his daughter bash him took some swagger out of his sex talk.

Orosco,Flores, Allie cat. Hispanic people, names extravaganza.

Flores might be Filipino...but,its still Hispanic.  KTVU had a first. I don't remember ever seeing that on any bay area station that isn't Telemundo. Heck,Flores might be too brown for them. You know how that goes..
Salute to KTVU.  A FOX station doing the right thing. Who would have thought?

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Start putting out the snail bait!. The War is on!

If your even half my demographics I'm giving you great advice. Oh,this is going to be the year of not the Monkey,but the year of Escargo.
I would bet some yards are having a good 5 pounds of snails per lot coming out of the jungle and up the sides of homes everywhere in the bay area.
I once collected about that much in a plastic bag. Sure,I wondered if that was edible. Just tossed them out with the weekly pick up.
I later tried escargot. Many years later after that at some restaurant. I did not pass on a delicacy to my taste buds as it turned out-chewy. But,hey,I realize if you grew up on that,its tasty. I didn't.

Gary Radnich POd at me?

He was whining about some Tweet I might have made that somebody might have reposted on his account.
I havent checked.
But when he says "One guy out there"

You know his wife seemed kind of ticked off by Radnich Friday attitude of "everybody's wrong".

Let me remind-- Radnich and his goons stalked me. I never stalked him. They might still be doing it as Radnich is an arrogant man.

If we are going to have cloudy cool days- might as well fill them with rain.

I don't mind heavy rains- even better.  What I can't stand are winter days that are gray and rains. Just drag you down gray.  At least this weekend is to watch water drip off the tree's and other plants.
Plus- this time of the year,sure its cool. But not cold,nights are balmy with the cloud cover. Productive man,productive- a good year.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Ross Commercial's very young Suzanne Saunders Shaw.

Its what she looks like as the model prances across the screen in her dress by Ross.
I remember when Suzanne started at KTVU barely out of Stanford. I don't think the Bay Area has ever had a more beautiful woman do the news. A real goddess.
Its a look that sure hasn't faded in effect on the young beauty's.
Check out the commercial. And sigh.

Whew,Keba Arnold needs a wardrobe advisor- and fast!

Of course she's a nice person. With a terrible taste in clothing. Her clothes are so loud the deaf tell her to turn down the volume.
She wears mom's bowling shirts-double pockets- doing the news. Fine for Mom.

She has to be part of the "Raised by the Bell" generation- right? She played Keba,the perky friend to everybody who had the crush on the blond kid- the Mexican guys friend. Sure she is.

She's making this a part time hobby. Forgets to change into her going to do the news adult clothes.

Clothes make the woman. Her clothes only make me change the channel.

A Music Tribute to Golden State.

Why have the Warriors not gotten Scandal back together to do the song in Oakland? C'mon for everybody young from the 70's- 2000 or so.
Why do I have to do all the thinking?

VICtoooreeeee is miiiiine,I am, de Warriors!

Dodge Durango in fatal San Jose accident. Figures. UPDATE:

I will guess drunk and speeding- through a red light.
Durango drivers not the brightest around.

UPDATE:  3/5/16 They found the driver. I called it huh? 

Tim Kawakami interviews Andy Baggs..never asks him the big question.

How does he feel being banned from KNBR,95.7 and of course Yahoo?  where he was a regular.
Its not like asking him AGAIN...because he hasnt been asked that in print.
The longer you are a sports writer in the bay area the more you know- fear- not to write.
Except me.

Stan's blog Almost 125,000 views. Whoo hoo.

122,000+. Not exactly "Leave Britney Alone" hits,but pretty good for I was worried I would be banned or censored...but Google stuck by me.
I just don't qualify for that dime a view thing. Doesn't seem quite fair since 122,000 including all the local media and players and teams going over this blog seems as advertising worthy as "Sew who cares and knitting blog".
More of big business wasting my talents for me being me and way ahead of the curve. Story of my life.

Speaking of that-  I forgot to remind people that my blog around Super Bowl of who should be performing?  Carlos Santana made news saying the near identical same opinion a day later.
You ain't reading a chimp banging on a keyboard.

Rain,sandbags,Pacifica and Napa.

Its gotten to be a routine. Since so much of the bay area is concrete...not many places left to flood. I myself Oooohed a couple of years ago when the Markets parking lot drains clogged. Made it a pond. Otherwise, no matter how hard or how long..its just rain.
Its not even possible for Alameda creek- biggest stream around- to overflow. They took all the fun out of natures fury.
Oh well.


Another Asian KRON let go. She was very healthy. That couldn't have been the reason they let her go.
Pero likes healthy.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Brian Stowe....two sides.

You know,he's gotten more support then most starving children in this world ever get.

But what happened? Did two punks out of the blue just go for him?  Or- did Brian Stowe make a fool of himself at Dodger stadium,inciting Dodger fans by taunting them?

 I read he stood up and told the crowd that "Dodger dogs taste like shit" if you were a Dodger fan with kids, Stowe putting out an arrogant attitude- and his being a paramedic fits the profile- He was playing with fire.

If you think all this is made up? There is a reason why the Stowe family didn't sue the criminals. If they had? The criminals would have testified that Stowe himself was just as out of control with his mouth  Its a legal FACT the family and lawyers didn't want ALL THE TRUTH to come out in court.

But...they were Mexican (one- the other looked like one) and truly gang like..but Stowe himself with a good job and family was himself being low life. His family has played the whole deck of cards of  "We are what America is" PR was all on their side..if facts got blurred.

When I hear him lecture against bullies? I wonder if those friends of his that day must wince when they hear that?..they know what Stowe was like. They didn't even get involved in the fight. Like maybe they thought he caused it all with his big mouth.

You will NEVER read a single columnist even try to write the whole truth. Its scary how the legal system is manipulated by the dominant culture. That's what this case has been. The media has bowed to pressure to not say a discouraging legal word about Stowe.

Stowe should have thought of his family and his health before he shot off his obscene mouth that day in Chavez Ravine.

I hate punks..I hate them a billion times. But I don't travel 400 miles to go to their picnics and taunt them for no reason do I? And as you might have read.. I have to risk my life to get police to listen.
Double standards.
I get angry even writing about this.

Trump and his tanning booth eyes.

Does America really want a president that spends parts of everyday laying in a booth? Caligula tanned while Rome burned.

I'm sure Trump waves at Mexican's being deported while telling them "I admire you're tan!"

A's new G.M. wont promise they wont trade Sonny Gray.

He also says A's fans hardly complain about trades.

Part of the job application must be "be crazy"

Give Kruger credit for asking tough questions. Radnich as always just got on his knees and sucked anything he thinks is management.
At his age- bashes young rich athletes with his jealousy..then sucks management with no shame. Lout.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Gary Radnich does evangelical preacher act for sports.

It was all bullshit of course. He was raising funds for the Gary Radnich foundation's Bently monthly payments.

I would guess a few people might have gotten upset that he went as far as to post a pic of his actual church and familia.  His "If you believe in church you believe in me"..Uh,that's pretty much pure greed-blasphemy since he was selling ratings for himself.

But hey- when the rightwing tries to do social comedy it always ends up being for greed or hate. Mostly both.

KRON is a cult. Who's been telling you that?

Management has a anything for ratings attitude now since they figure what does journalism do for them, if they cant get ratings? Right KRON?

One last- Grant Lodis acts as good as he throws a football.  "I,I,I, c-c-c-cant believe it!..the Twitter page is exploding!".  Praise the Lord huh Grant?

Moore and Radnich hint KRON is looking for a co evening anchor.

I caught the middle of his stream of consciousness obviating monologue..but when she said "I could use some help next to me" I think she was serious. He of course played both sides with her...She's the greatest babe in the world. Until he throws a hissy fit and gets angry that she laughed at jokes about him. She in turn calls him a crybaby.
So,with that kind of back and forth boarding on nonsense,KRON might be looking for a Male Anchor to put an anchor on the meandering ship(p) due to Radnich.
Yeah,I see this on every level.

Kris Sanchez..nice cleavage,smooth creamy chest.

I sort of noticed today.
You know when I watch those shows about moving to the tropics..notice that the hot real estate woman has wrinkly chest and spotted cleavage with some gator skin. The beautiful couple wanting to move? What a shame- but the hot woman from Minnesota will soon look like boiled lobster. The hot tropical sun and high UV does a number on them.

Anyway's Kris is very healthy.

I think the Warriors are the In Crowd. Walk down the street getting respect from people they meet...

That oldie has been in my head. Fits the Warriors..everybody-the NBA,LeBron,Harden wants to be them..but the original is still the greatest.
Draymond,spend'in cash (fines) ,talk'in trash..
 Curry got his own way of walk'in...
Yep,they are The In crowd.