Wednesday, March 16, 2016

413 media got who Radnich supports wrong,now he's privy to GR's salary demands?

I wish he would admit..he likes to make things up. I know it would be too hard for him to admit he writes his own compliments as anonymous- the one the other day that sounded like a black guy praising Rich Lieberman? Over the top phony. Radnich has been taking salary cuts at every contract think he wants double because he has tweet followers is laughable. A talking parrot gets more views on youtube. Social Media ain't that hard.
As I said before- where is Radnich going to go? Not to 2,or KPIX,not even KGO. There is no demand for him...and KRON deep down wishes he would play hardball so they can cut the cord and get back to the news business. The please Gary business causes on air turnovers.

Speaking of Radnich- he did the "NO children people are selfish" claim two grouchy Friday's ago?
So,Cathy and Pamela are selfish? I think other than Lodes,there were no KRON on air that day who have kids. Selfish bastards.