Wednesday, March 16, 2016

6:45 KRON news tiff spills over to 8:45 between Moore and Radnich.

They were already not putting out any positive vibes when Radnich doing the sports was doing his usual "Brad Dugan is a saint"..then stopped and got on Pamela for not paying attention! she should be hanging on to everything he say during sports? an ego. He treats her like a maid,live on air. Belittles her attention,at Radnich insanely bloated ego beating up on somebody who he does the Bi-polar like "She's a saint bigger then any other saint" minute,then next he's doing the "She's a phony folks,just pretending on air to be my friend".  Thats whats called a  borderline personality disorder. Radnich shows that all the time.

Its been building since the Diane Tuazon time. Brittney Shipp who replaced her must have really set him off by doing what Diane was doing..wanting no part of not just vaudeville...but conservative politics fox news type vaudeville that he favors.
But,let me the day he's gotten more hostile,more angry. He wants total respect from people he zings live on air? He doesn't get it. But I always said Radnich plays it both ways,and he wants it both ways.
Jeez,he ripped Pamela for rooting for Michigan. What a friend he is.