Saturday, March 19, 2016

ALL ACCESS says Feb sweeps same as Jan...KCBS numero uno...knbr no.4.

They didn't even mention 95.7.  Jason Barret also has not repeated his detailed December arbitron ratings article. Unless its for Dallas.

Barret did do a Kate Scott interview....Scott doesn't even put her time on the Gary Radnich show on her resume. Never mentions the guy.

I watched Pamela Moore take another bashing from Radnich- yet again. I figure she must feel sorry for his wife and kids that he's such an ass...and so takes it so the boob can keep his job. That's my best case and most positive thinking I can do on Moore's behalf.

Also in the ratings of teen- 34? Mexican stations have highest ratings they get. KRON is like Trump- watch and make me money,but I wont hire you. Something like that.