Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back Story on KRON...Diane Tuazon welcomed Stanley Roberts back. Guess who went home instead?

They must really deep down hate Radnich at KRON,to repeat this episode. Since they had the regulars all happy to see Stanley back from his stroke. Radnich couldn't even use a few minutes of his time to be there after a newscast.

You know? I can see Radnich shuffling as fast as he can the minute his sports segment was up to get out of KRON's building. "Gary you want to stay and welcome Stan back?"  "Get the hell out of my way",as he hugs his paper briefcase under his arms on the way to the elevator. "I don't give a damn" he mutters.
To go on... "I've been here 30 years,you want me to spend a minute more?"..." "ALL of you,I've been here 30 years- you hear me ? 30 years."
Then he probably drops what he thinks is his out "Without  me,you wouldn't have jobs!"  Lord Gary.

"Welcome back Stanley? what did he ever do for me?"  As Radnich peeved that he's been slowed to get to his beloved car.
Yeah,that sounds accurate.