Thursday, March 3, 2016

Brian Stowe....two sides.

You know,he's gotten more support then most starving children in this world ever get.

But what happened? Did two punks out of the blue just go for him?  Or- did Brian Stowe make a fool of himself at Dodger stadium,inciting Dodger fans by taunting them?

 I read he stood up and told the crowd that "Dodger dogs taste like shit" if you were a Dodger fan with kids, Stowe putting out an arrogant attitude- and his being a paramedic fits the profile- He was playing with fire.

If you think all this is made up? There is a reason why the Stowe family didn't sue the criminals. If they had? The criminals would have testified that Stowe himself was just as out of control with his mouth  Its a legal FACT the family and lawyers didn't want ALL THE TRUTH to come out in court.

But...they were Mexican (one- the other looked like one) and truly gang like..but Stowe himself with a good job and family was himself being low life. His family has played the whole deck of cards of  "We are what America is" PR was all on their side..if facts got blurred.

When I hear him lecture against bullies? I wonder if those friends of his that day must wince when they hear that?..they know what Stowe was like. They didn't even get involved in the fight. Like maybe they thought he caused it all with his big mouth.

You will NEVER read a single columnist even try to write the whole truth. Its scary how the legal system is manipulated by the dominant culture. That's what this case has been. The media has bowed to pressure to not say a discouraging legal word about Stowe.

Stowe should have thought of his family and his health before he shot off his obscene mouth that day in Chavez Ravine.

I hate punks..I hate them a billion times. But I don't travel 400 miles to go to their picnics and taunt them for no reason do I? And as you might have read.. I have to risk my life to get police to listen.
Double standards.
I get angry even writing about this.