Monday, March 21, 2016

Curry- tired,slow,sloppy. 3 games in 4 days too much.

When he's tired? It shows. Badly. He's sloppy with the ball,slow to react to loose balls and makes some really bad passes.
He looked tired vs San Antone. To see it again two days later means he might be feeling a heck of a lot more fatigue then anybody thought. Well,except me. I see what other don't and sooner.

Last year about this time..he was good. This year he's got more pressure to repeat..and be even better as he hears' 3 point streaks,home winning streaks,NBA season record streaks..he's on more streaks then Will Farrell.
The cure is to win.

Kerr really has to get on the team about turnovers. Stepping out of bounds? Fouling a three point attempt? As coach,I would end that.