Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Curry would be loved by John Wooden,young Warrior fans cant comprehend his greatness.

One thing I always admire about Curry's technique is- he has a high arc on his shot. Nobody else in the NBA puts up such a purty rainbow.  It reminds me of Keith Wilkes and many UCLA products.

John Wooden taught that..he demanded it and players also did drills of using the backboard. In games- it was devastating as Walton sucked in a ton of offensive rebounds.

When I saw last night,Curry calmly sink another near 40 footer? That was no fluke,its something no player in the history of the NBA could do. I would do it on the playground-but enough about me.
Curry does it with a percentage not human.

Do you all remember Monta Ellis? Do you all remember the media-Tim,Monty,Bob,et al, saying that Curry wasn't a good point guard or as good a shooter as Monta? I do,because I never agreed with that.

Bogut freed Warrior fans from decades of hurt. Because of him,we got rid of Ellis.