Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dan Ashley misses Carolyn Johnson,Chery Jennings.

He's slightly like a fish out of water with Alma Daetz. Its strictly professional. Unlike the easy breezy pairing of Alma with Larry Beil.  Beil is the proverbial overachieving ugly guy,who did a Rudi with personality,humor,smarts.  Dan? Nice guy,mature behavior. Something not quite in jibe with today's newscasts.
With Carolyn or Sheryl,Dan was a solid no.1.  He struggles a bit with Alma,just like Ken Bastida with Veronica on 5. C'mon, Imagine Cheryl paired with Reggie Aqui. Same difference. Actually, come to think of it,Cheryl and Reggie might have worked..she was easy.

Larry and Alma are tight. What its like between them in the real world I have no idea. But when Larry jokes that "We should be on that beach" and Alma smiles approvingly?  Seems real.