Thursday, March 24, 2016

Draymond Green should at least be investigated.

Not only speeding- reckless endangerment,and loss of license is automatic for speeds of 90mph. 118mph is a speeding 3,000 pound projectile. Its sad to hear 50,000 watt  sports host excuse it. "Not weaving".."not heavy traffic". Insanely irresponsible use of the airwaves.
Plenty of YouTube show offs have been arrested because of their vids. Draymond removed his because Golden State lawyers must have hit the roof seeing that.

Green is more and more a cancer on the team. He's the new Monta Ellis,with mouthing back at the coach and off court shenanigans.

KNBR's old dinosaurs were on PR control. Idiot bastards of 9-12.