Monday, March 28, 2016

EastCoast basketball,asks,Are the Warriors a good team? How overrated are the Golden State Warriors?. Is Curry better then Tiny Archibald?

My Fictitious Magazine of all East Coast thinking also has articles like "Why Splash brothers? They don't swim,are not brothers."

"Kerr learned all he knows from Phil Jackson!..only some of Warrior strategy is Kerr's. Phil is the REAL coach".

"Golden State Cheerleaders,how ugly,fat, are they to Philly,Cleveland and New York cheerleaders?"

"Should Charles Barkley Get a Nobel Prize? We say, YES!..."

"Stats prove,computer simulations,- Golden State would lose to the 1948 Washington Generals."

"Finally proven- Curry's long shots due to Bat Boy biting him as a child. We say that's cheating with bat radar steroids."

It should hit the stands soon.