Friday, March 18, 2016

Elvis and Beatles getting forgotten...

Despite what the Elvis trust will admit too,even in Vegas, Elvis imitators are fading away. Those that still exist say the tip money is way down.
The Beatles? Last made an album in 1970.  We are now in the Zager and Evan's like " Year,2016,if man is still alive.."  So,how can you blame teens who never heard of them?
I tell you- when I was 12,I use to wonder about the far future. If songs I like now (1970)? Would I ever hear them again in the future?
Turns out time had twists for me. Digital has preserved even the most obscure songs forever and can be heard anytime I want. But,I never would have thought I would still be here when Elvis and the Beatles were near forgotten. Let alone Rap music would kill Rock and Roll. Twisty.