Friday, March 25, 2016

Greg Papa SHOCK JOCK . Typical bad Stern imitator.

When he does his shock jock shit,what an embarrassment he must be to the Raiders,The Warriors and Comcast. The "Inner Greg" is an asshole.
What does it say that the liberal bay area has had FORCED on it, Gary Radnich,Larry Kruger,Lund and Greg Papa and of course, remember Mancow? ALL conservative haters put on the air by big Business decade after decade...sniveling cowards all.
Papa is such a low life homer..he once said that "Mark Davis would have his heart torn out over the Raiders leaving"  LOL,LOL. Said Greg like a little raider girl. Davis would piss on Oakland in an instant if it enabled the team to move.

Papa? There can't be an under 30 at 95.7 who believes what big Poppy puts out there..its so slanted and paid for. I think he comes in one door...and the 3 amigos, Zach and Guru..the other. No way,his conservative low life humor that tosses in animal abuse and child molesting is wanted tainting the other normal hosts. Like at KNBR and KRON,they are gamevicts.
What has the bay area done to deserve this? Oh, people of color,held hostage by nobody who looks like us. THAT'S it.

What Greg Papa is,is a media whore. LOL- The King of all Media Whores- get it Greggy?

I bet Papa collects Nazi memorabilia. He puts on a little bitty mustache- BOOM!..Hitler twin. He could model Hitler for the Wax Museum....