Wednesday, March 30, 2016

If KRON does 10-11:15 newscast,that pushes back the 11 news to 11:15-11:45?

I'm sure Radnich wont mind being later at KRON. Whatever KRON does that changes the contracts for him and Pamela and Britt,must come with a bonus. Money always makes him happy.

I'm not sure I get the time changes... basically 10pm to 11:45 newscast? Better then the Mentalist or Dr. Phil at night I guess.

Now WHO anchors the 10pm? Who does the 10pm sports? Carpenter or will Radnich take that bit of extra out of Carpenters mouth?

10pm- Cathy Heenan? I would think so.

So KRON is taking on the mighty Two at Ten?