Sunday, March 20, 2016

In other Gary Radnich news...

I think that Radnich tried to push that Diane Tuazon was a complainer along with sometimes shill 416 Media.  Now? with Brittney Shipp having no reputation to excuse Radnich behavior,KRON has now pushed his Sports Segment at 11pm to 11:15..and done by 11:19.  THAT is so as not to make Britteney continue to be ignored as had been the way from the day she started by Radnich. Ignored if she or he wanted it or both...ignored is ignored.
So,she can now smile and chit chat with Pamela to the very end of the news.

p.s. I do watch the other channels. No problems between D.O.D. and the weatherman,or Ro. Nothing feudal between Larry and Spencer. Frank and Bill or Rosemary? No avoiding each other. They talk.

Right now..only Laura Garcia seems to stand out as spoiled among anchors. "I can afford lawyers,he can't"....jeezuz, AND she's banging some guy.