Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Krueger: Gary has a Bentley he hasn't driven he's so rich. Yeah? Its broken down is why- AND WHY...

LOL.  That would be him. Not just own  pieces of crap to impress...but get two. I used Google Earth and could see the second Bentley in the Radnich PacHeights  driveway- on blocks- Radnich had oil pans under it. It leaks more then your Grandpa after a sixpack.  You can tell it's his by the faded UNLV sticker and confederate flag.
 Don't believe me? Look at Google Earth. Certain versions- wink.

He's so rich...he runs to KRON huffing and puffing wearing his suit with no tie,tennies,unshaven.
Sounds just like he can hardly wait to get to his job.